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Ultimate alt-guide

I am Myrahk and in this article I will share some insights about me and my 14 alts. I have gotten many questions about why I have the number of alts I do, how I manage them and what I get out of it – so here we go!

In this guide I will go through:

  1. Personal advantage
  2. Alliance advantage
  3. How to manage many alts
  4. What to skip and what to do when you get many alts and not enough time to do it all.

How I get an advantage by relying on my alts


First of all, they are great for farming resources on the map from empty castles (people who left the game) and from the many farm nodes. I try to spend my AP when it is up and keep marches farming nodes when AP is down. The alts need resources to grow, but if you are consistent about your farming you will get an abuncance of leftover resources. As these stack up, I ‘harvest’ them with my main making sure that every AP-attack my main sends out returns full of resources.

This is also how the people who were very fast to get tier 7 troops (and c50) did it and something you need to do if you have enough speedups to keep yourself growing quickly towards c50 and t7. Read more.


Alts produce a ton of troops. Don’t let that go to waste! If you maintain a steady routine where you stack up your strongest alt marches in proper form and attack with Rank Advancement honor talent = you are able to consistently keep a very high daily income of honor. Read more.

How my alliance use our alts for strategic advantage

Thermal Towers

In Legion of Frostborne aka. SvS we are limited by the number of Thermals we can put down. The more thermals you have, the longer new ones takes construct. However, new alliances instantly hold 1 free thermal tower and resources to build another thermal right off the bat. I.e. when I create a new alliance on one of my alts it has 2x thermals to place down with minimum build time (less than 1hour).

This is very powerful in SvS battles, as you can use an army of alts to block strategically important areas such as the area around Ymir or around important gates. This can also be used to chain thermals quickly via inter-alliance diplomacy settings.

Read more.

Bubble blocks

Just like with your thermals, you can use your castle to block off space in important areas. For instance, by using 15-20 alts placed within the shield-able green area close to a gate – you make sieging that gate VERY difficult for your opponent who now must either attack from the snow, or with very few people staying inside the yellow no-shield zone.

Read more.

How to manage many alts

Bluestacks is amazing at running multiple instances simultaneously.

Download BlueStacks from the official site here: https://www.bluestacks.com/

I have made a full guide on how to setup and get your alt farms running in different instances: Read it in detail here

What to do and what to skip

Running a lot of alts is very time consuming – it is therefore very important to know what things you need to do on a daily basis and what you should skip. The more things we can skip, the more alts we can manage in the same time window.

Running 14 alts takes around 2 hours of combined gametime for me daily – including rss node farming and castle attacks.

Create a routine with 2 daily logins

You want to time out your farming nodes and your troop production close to each other. Then make sure your second daily login matches both node farms and troop production finishing.

This is my personal routine: Read it in detail here

First daily login:

  1. Spend your AP farming resources from dead-castles.

2. Production & training

3. Spend all your SP

Second login (times out to be anytime after troop-production ends).

  1. Use all of your main’s Rank Advancement attacks.

2. Collect daily rewards

3. Spend all your AP again on resources (see above)

4. Begin troop production again (see above)

5. Spend all your SP again (see above)

Alt technology research

Upgrading alts technology is very different from upgrading your main. We do not want to boost the power of our alt to make it strong. Instead our goal is to grow as quickly as possible, produce as much resource as possible and train as many troops as possible. Therefore our tech development on alts should be as follow:

  1. Growth
  2. Resource production
  3. Troop production

Published: 24-03-2022