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Alliance War Technology Priority (tiered)

Alliance Technology is a key aspect of Infinity Kingdom, and the War Technology section is no exception. Having the right technology in your alliance can make a huge difference in combat, providing crucial buffs that increase your power significantly and improve the chances of victory. In this article, we will take a closer look at the War Technology tier list, and provide some tips on how you can invest in the right technology to make your alliance a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.


Bowmen Attack and HP: These technologies provide a significant boost to your Bowmen, which are one of the most important units in the game. A strong Bowmen unit can easily decimate enemy armies, making this technology a must-have for any alliance that wants to dominate in combat. This is the only S-tier war technology simply because you always run two bowmen Immortals in any army composition.


Cavalry and Shieldmen Attack and HP: These technologies are similar to Bowmen Attack and HP, but for Cavalry and Shieldmen instead. Cavalry and Shieldmen are also essential units in any army, and these technologies will help them deal more damage and last longer in combat.

Bowmen Defense: While offense is important, defense is equally important in any battle. Bowmen Defense technology will help your Bowmen units survive enemy attacks and deal damage in return.

Cavalry and Shieldmen Defense: Like Bowmen Defense, this technology provides a boost to your cavalry and shieldmen units, making them more resilient in battle.


Home Turf: This technology provides a significant increase to the power of your Immortals when defending your own city. This is a great technology to have when you are under attack, as it can help you fend off enemy armies more easily.

Fight Side by Side: This technology provides a buff to your troops when fighting alongside allies, making it a must-have for any alliance that wants to dominate in team battles.


Spearmen HP, Attack, and Defense: Spearmen are not as commonly used as Bowmen, Cavalry, and Shieldmen, so these technologies are not as important as others. However, if your alliance relies heavily on spearmen Immortals, then investing in these technologies may be worthwhile.


Quick Response: This technology provides a significant boost to the speed of your marches, which can be incredibly useful for both attacking and defending.

Assembly Charge: This technology increases the damage dealt by your troops when they charge into battle, making it a great choice for aggressive alliances.

Garrison Defense: This technology provides a significant boost to your Immortals when defending your city’s garrison, making it easier to fend off enemy attacks.

Minimize Losses: This technology reduces the amount of troops lost in battle, which can be a lifesaver if you are struggling to maintain your army’s numbers.

Wall Durability: This technology increases the durability of your city walls, making it harder for enemies to breach them and attack your city.

Overall, investing in the right War Technology is essential for any alliance that wants to be successful in combat. By prioritizing the right technologies, you can make your troops more powerful, resilient, and deadly, increasing your chances of victory on the battlefield.

In conclusion, investing in war technology is crucial for an alliance’s success in Infinity Kingdom. Choosing which technology to prioritize can be a difficult decision, but with this tier list as a guide, alliances can ensure they are putting their resources into the most effective areas. Remember, focusing on a few key technologies rather than trying to level everything up at once can lead to faster overall growth and improvement. So work together with your alliance, strategize, and prioritize wisely to become a dominant force on the battlefield!

Published: 28-03-2023