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Technology Priority (tiered)

Alliance technology is very important. It provides crucial buffs that increase your power significantly as well as improvements to its members development. In this article, we will give you the most basic information and the best tips for investing in the Infinity Kingdom Alliance Technology!

Having rapid tech development in a new alliance on new servers is absolutely crucial and all members should be encourage to gem alliance technology daily. For new alliances gemming is cheap and should be done by everyone to get a nice boost at the beginning of a new server/alliance.

Technology tiers

S Tier: Big Family, Brothers-In-Arms, AP Recovery, Rapid March, Lower Attack Cost, Knife Through Butter, Garrison Attack

S tier:

  • Wall Breaker
  • Fight Side by Side
  • Quick Response
  • Assembly Charge
  • Bowmen Load

A tier:

  • SP Recovery
  • Iron, Food, Wood, Stone Gatherer
  • Shieldmen, Spearmen, Cavalry Load

B tier:

  • Iron, Food, Wood, Stone Tax
  • Lower Garrison Cost
  • Fast Garrison

F tier:

  • Fortification Damage
  • Win the Peace
  • Guard the Peace

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Published: 02-08-2022