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Artifact Stats and Rolls

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Melee/Attack Artifacts

For Attack, you may want Iron Fist if the immortal is heavy DPS but does not rely too much on the energy skill. Alex and Hannibal are good examples. You should get Surge as special attribute in either case. It’s the most important part of this artifact.

Attack-supports (e.g. Attila):

PrioritySpecialPrimary AttributeSecondary Attribute
1SurgeMagical Defense bonus(%)Accuracy
3Crit/Physical attack

Attack-Damage Dealers:

PrioritySpecialPrimary AttributeSecondary Attribute
1SurgePhysical Attack Bonus(%)Accuracy/Crit
2Magical Defense bonus(%)Physical attack

If you are using an Immortal like Alexander the Great who does not rely on his ability for Attack Damage, Iron Fist is preferable to Surge.

Range Artifacts

For Range, accuracy is very important, but you can choose to use Coercion in your teams instead and focus the artifact on more damage through physical attack.


PrioritySpecialPrimary AttributeSecondary Attribute
1Iron FistAccuracyResilience/Dodge/Defenses
3Physical attack


PrioritySpecialPrimary AttributeSecondary Attribute
1Iron FistAccuracyAccuracy/crit
2Physical attack

Mage Artifacts

For mages, crit is an amazing route for all magic builds. But if you don’t use a crit build, going for Magical Attack% is also viable and pretty strong. Artifact with Magical Attack% and Deadly can be as good as one with Crit rate and Annihilation.

PrioritySpecialPrimary AttributeSecondary Attribute
1DeadlyCrit value / Crit rate(%)Crit value / Crit rate
2AnnihilationMagical attack

Support/healer Artifacts

PrioritySpecialPrimary AttributeSecondary Attribute
1SurgeDodge value / Dodge rate(%)Resilience/Dodge/Defenses
2Physical/Magical attack (increases healing)

Tank/Defense Artifacts

  • Special Attribute: Growth. It protects against all damage types
  • Primary Attributes: Resilience value/rate
  • Secondary Attribute want order: (Resilience/Dodge/Defenses) → (accuracy) → (physical attack/crit)
PrioritySpecialPrimary AttributeSecondary Attribute
1GrowthResilience value / RateResilience/Dodge/Defenses
3Physical attack/Crit

Published: 08-02-2022

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