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All auras explained – which are good for what?

This article is part of my section on passives (ToK skills). Passives are the most important thing to understand in IK if you want to craft a strong march setup and win the many battles ahead. They are extreemly powerful and makes a huge difference in a fight. A strong well thoughtout setup can beat enemies with FAR superior power numbers with ease. Passives are what defines the meta and you should spend a long time studying the effects and the many options available if you are an ambitious player.

It is through (1) Immortal compositions and (2) passive setup that you can craft counter marches.

This article will dive into the AURA passives available in the Tower of Knowledge (ToK). I will explain every aura and how it works, and how you need to think about the aura when creating setups with them. I will also link to some usecases for each aura to explain the rationale behind the passive.

It is recommended to always have 2 auras in your setup. Though only very rarely should you have 3 or 4.

What is an aura?

First things first. What the **** is an aura? An aura is a passive ability that affects either (1) ALL friendly Immortals with a buff or (2) ALL enemy Immortals with a debuff.

List of auras

NameDescriptionUnlock level
SacrificeIncreases damage of allies, while lowering caster damage. Also small change to gain energy for caster.33
BerserkIncreased attack speed by 10% + Life leach (30% recovery rate)33
Malice20% Crit Rate debuff on enemy units.35
Misleading20% reduced accuracy on enemy units38
Weakness20% reduced resilience on enemy units38
Coercion20% reduced dodge rate on enemy units39
Shelter50% chance friendly units (same side) regens (40% recovery rate) when they take damage.40
Paralysis15% reduced attack speed on enemy units40
Fear of DominationEnemies with less than 50% HP take 20% more damage.45
(stone skill)

Which aruas are good?

Short answer, every single aura is very good. There are no bad auras. There are only good and bad synergy with Immortal and passive setup!

View aura tier-ranking here.

How do I know which aura is good for my setup?

You have to think about what your march does well and what it’s weaknesses are when you choose auras.

For example: If you are running a clean strong meta-phys setup like Earth with Alexander + Charles + Zeno + Bathony, you are trying to deal a lot of damage, and live to see the next enemy march. You want auras that benefit your physical damage immortals = Weakness & Coercion and you want survival = Malice.

Another example: You are running Barca + Alex frontline, both Immortals scale insanely well off of attack speed = Berserk is a must have!

Third example: You run fire, fire feeds off of crits = weakness is an absolute must have!

Read much more about each aura and the Immortals / other passives that synergizes well with them here.

Published: 14-07-2022