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Earth Dragon Talent Specialization

Talent trees for Dragons!

With patch 2.3 we have an entirely new feature available. Talent trees for Dragons! Each Dragon has a unique talent tree consisting of:

  • Dragon Specialization
  • Prime nodes that alter how the dragons 3 unique abilities work.
  • Small nodes offering different stat-bonuses.
  • Major nodes offering bonus damage / reduced damage taken.

Upgrading your dragon has become more complex than ever. If you need to read more about the general concept of your Dragon’s Talent tree, please read my overview article here.

This article is all about the earth dragon and which specialization you need. Let’s get into training your dragons!

Dragon Specialization

Each dragon offer three different specializations. The earth dragon offer the following three specializations: Collapse, Aftershock and Fissure.

Each specialization has two unique effects on the dragon’s original abilities. For instance, Wildfire changed the burn on dragon’s breath and removes the critical damage buff from roar and instead provides physical and defense buffs once immortals crit. These are abilities you want to study closely and you MUST think of what your specific march setup is built to do.

We will dive into what specialization you need for different meta setups in a second (see below), first please read each specialization carefully.

What specialization matches my build?

Honestly, for earth it is pretty simple.. I would love to tell you that for some meta builds Aftershock is awesome and for some Collaps. Truth is, you always want to run Fissure. You are always reliant on sustain and Alex to win battles as earth. From Win(d)-hybrid to streight pure earth teams. Fissure will is in my opinion always the right choice.

Sorry, but earth is a bit of a let-down. In the future however, this might get to change! As we get higher level and progress through the talent tree, I can see the attack speed from Aftershock for attack-speed scaling setups such as Alex-Hannibal frontlines extreemly strong. I will 100% begin my main march as Fissure, but I will also begin testing Aftershock once we get some more ranks on it.

Published: 20-08-2022