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Water Dragon Talent Specialization

Talent trees for Dragons!

With patch 2.3 we have an entirely new feature available. Talent trees for Dragons! Each Dragon has a unique talent tree consisting of:

  • Dragon Specialization
  • Prime nodes that alter how the dragons 3 unique abilities work.
  • Small nodes offering different stat-bonuses.
  • Major nodes offering bonus damage / reduced damage taken.

Upgrading your dragon has become more complex than ever. If you need to read more about the general concept of your Dragon’s Talent tree, please read my overview article here.

This article is all about the earth dragon and which specialization you need. Let’s get into training your dragons!

Dragon Specialization

Each dragon offer three different specializations. The water dragon offer the following three specializations: Frigid, Inspiration and Coalesce.

Each specialization has two unique effects on the dragon’s original abilities. For instance, Frigid increases the healing by water dragon breath and also increases the chance to freeze and the duration of freeze on roar. These are abilities you want to study closely and you MUST think of what your specific march setup is built to do.

We will dive into what specialization you need for different meta setups in a second (see below), first please read each specialization carefully.

What specialization matches my build?

As you can see, Frigid is basically just improving what the water dragon does allready. If you are looking for no changes and low complexity – Frigid will serve you well enough. Frigid is also the strongest of the three specializations for PvE content, since you will blast enemies fast giving no time for long recovery buffs (HoTs) instead you want a nice big heal to make sure everyone is being topped off and your losses are minimal from raiding gnomes. However the weakest of the three for PvP.

As for Inspiration and Coalesce, these are both very strong PvP specializations, your choice of one or the other depend entirely on what setup you are running. Let’s be real here, there is three setups for water (1) Merlin-Dido, (2) Merlin-Mathilda, and (3) Merlin-Bath.

If you are running 1 or 2 you are relying almost entirely on Merlins insanely strong magic damage to kill the entire enemy team quickly. This means, you care only about min-maxing the amount of magic damage your march can output – hence Coalesce is the spec for you. Provides you with a decent improvement to your dragons heal for long fights (still countered by wounds tho) and roar now increases the magical damage taken by the targets.

If you are running any of the Merlin-Bath builds, you are relying on Bathony to dish out a ton of damage (while keeping Merlin safe, cus yes. She is just that good). Also, your spec should rely more on the off dps from your Attila and Heral/Ramss/Ragnar. You are going to end up outputting around the same amount of physical damage from your three phys immortals as your merlin deals magical damage. Hence in a 50-50 split you don’t care if you get magical damage buff or physical damage buff. What you do care about, is getting the strongest buff to your breath! You are not locked into having to go for all the magic damage you can, and thus you are able to pick Inspiration specialization which makes your dragons breath a lot better for PvP. You are no longer hard countered by wounds, and the increased energy regen means your Merlin, Attila and Bath are going to absolutely melt everything while your enemy gets zero chance to cast anything, because they are either stunned or silenced right up untill the point Merlin blows them up.

Published: 11-09-2022