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Magic Lightning (Hamm + Khan)

Author: Myrahk 484 views

This guide is part of my article series on lightning builds. If this build is not to your likeing, have a look at the rest of my builds on the lightning build page. I have multiple builds for any taste available, IB, PvE, arena/ToS builds and F2P/cheap builds.

This article is on magic lightning. As you know, there are many water and earth mains, which makes lightning a strong team to master. Moreover, Lightning is surprisingly strong as a F2P or low-spender! If you are patient and smart about it, you can unlock Genghis Khan for free via events like Spring Fiesta + you can unlock Hammurabi through the KoH (needs to be maxed via Pearl shop tho). This makes our BiS lightning team one of the cheapest top tier marches.

This is a very strong build that works as an allround lightning build for the player who needs lightning to do everything. Beware, that you may struggle a bit on bosses. As such, you should check out my lightning boss build.

This build loses to shadow, like most others, but perform at a mid-tier level vs shadow. It however, perform VERY WELL versus holy and is an invaluable tool to have when you and a bunch of low-spenders are rallying down big whales.


This setup is pretty standard and revolves around pumping big magic burst damage while maintaining “wounds” from Khan as well as control via Richard stun and fighting will on Peter. Moreover, Peter and Khan adds a very nice assistance on the DPS. This setup is NOT built as a counter to holy, you can do more to counter holy marches (see Lightning holy-counter guide). This setup performs well versus all marches and especially kills earth teams (if your tech is too low for energy regen. You might need to setup your Khan with adrenaline so you get wounds off before water dragon heals).

You want to run this passive loadout:

Hammurabi: Annihilation + Nova + Chase/concentration (based on your crit tech).

Genghis Khan: Fighting Master + Assist + Misleading / Coercion (coercion vs holy)

Peter: Fighting Will + Weakness + Cleave

Richard: Oaken Guard + Malice + Energy Suppression / life link (Defense vs. offense)

Published: 17-04-2022


  • maximus

    29 June 2022

    Hi, in the image for richard there are rage blessing, but you say we need Oaken guard, which one is good please, thx for the answer. Have a good day and good website ^^

  • Myrahk

    2 July 2022

    Hey, thank you for your comment. That is my bad! I Should have added some more explanation text. As the default team I would personally run oaken guard since physical damage is dominant in the current meta.

    That being said, there are situations where rage blessing would be superior. For example, if your technology research is not high enough to get Khan wounds debuff to apply before enemies water dragon, Zeno or something else heals = try out rage blessing.

    If you are against fire double mages, run resist!

    There are always exemptions and small tweaks you have to make yourself. But I will ofcause correct my screenshot 🙂 Thanks!


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