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Primitive Chaos Pinball

The Primitive Chaos Pinball event is a brand new event that has been added to the game as of november 2022 with the release of the first Chaos Elemental Immortal Norheim and Infinity Kingdom has ever seen – Loki, the God of Mischief.

The event is a 1:1 copy of previous Pinball events, with the only differences being the rewards are now Loki Fragment Shards as jackpot where previous Pinball events have had Unique Artifacts.

Furthermore, the event currency is new and unique Chaos-Pinball currency which is only available through purchasing in the in-game shop.

Chaos Pinball – Shop Bundles: To max Loki entirely via Gems will be a long and expensive journey. You need a LOT of eyes to do Pinball for any significant rewards.


Upgrade cost of Chaos Immortals – Loki

Loki is not an Epic Immortal, but he is something new! The Chaos Immortal Loki requires more Fragments to upgrade than any Immortal we have seen yet. He is a tier above Epic and is maxed as follow.

I have yet to confirm the amount required for artifact slot unlock. As such, be ware that the final number may change a bit as the first players reach artifact slot and can find out.

Cost of each Loki Fragments via eyes

I have been testing this Pinball event a bit and here is what I found!

I bought a total of 222 eyes and I then used an even 200 in the Primal Chaos Pinball event.
200 eyes gives a total of 200 balls and hence 4 x bonus Frog Balls Madness.

From my 200 Balls and 4 bonuses I got a total of 45 Loki Fragments = avg. price of 4.44 eyes per fragment.

With the stock limitations, you are quickly forced into spending on the inefficient $99.99 bundles if you want to finish Loki quickly, which will be very expensive!

MAX amount of Eyes from Bundles per Event

Okay then, we now know the pricings and the efficiency of purchasing different bundles – it looks pretty similar to what we are used to from Holy and Shadow Roulette Triss Bundles.

Question is now, how much does it cost to max our Chaos Immortal?

Maxing Loki via Primal Chaos Pinball

In order to max Loki we now know that we need a total of 1680 Fragments. We also know we get 80 for free in the summoning event Call to Supremacy:

This means we need a total of 1600 Fragments via other means. Let’s have a look at how much it will cost to unlock and max Loki using Primal Chaos Pinball Eyes!

If we hypothetically were to clear out the shop entirely and purchase as many $99.99 bundles as are required to max Loki using ONLY the very first Primal Pinball event = it will cost $9,574 to max Loki this way. This is however not recommended, since you would be ignoring the Wheel Chaos Roulette event!

You can read more about the Roulette event here.

Method A: 1x Pinball + 1x Roulette

If you want to rush Loki and max him in the very first week of his release, you are able to do so. You will need to spend quite heavily though at a total cost of $7,473.38.

Method B: 2x Pinball + 2x Roulette

Still being a big whale you can be quite a lot more efficient and save around $4,000 on your Loki by spending just one more event. In this method we are using two roulettes and two pinball events to max our Loki. That being said, Loki maxed this fast will cost you $3,573.77.

  • We are getting a total of 440 Fragments by doing the 400 draws in the “Wheel” Chaos Roulette Event
  • We can get a total of 900 eyes from the non-$99.99-bundles by purchasing the entire stock.
  • We still need an additional 23 of the big $99.99 bundles to get enough eyes to max loki

As you can see, there is quite a bit to be “saved” by spending more time to unlock. This is mainly because we are spending a LOT of gems on fragments via the Chaos Roulette Wheet event and because we are getting better cost-efficiency purchasing eyes via the stock-limited bundles.

If you spend 4 or 5 events you can get far far below these prices, and in fact. As you can read about on the guide on Chaos Roulette Wheel Event it costs you 600,000 gems to max Loki across 7 Roulette events without spending money on eye bundles.

Published: 25-11-2022