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Spring Fiesta

Spring is upon us in the world of Infinity Kingdom! In this guide we are going to have a look at the Spring Fiesta event and the rewards. What we need to watch out for and what you should prioritize doing for this years event!


So this year, we are getting a pretty mediocer event for Spring Fiesta. We are not getting the discounts that we are used to from these events (especially compared to the awesome Christmas Winter Festival event) but on the other hand we do get awesome free hidden rewards.

First of all, you are able to get Attila, Saladin, El Cid or Alexander. Spending 35 Silver Lotus’.

Secondly, you can get a unique artifact for your brand new Immortal for 100 Silver Lotus’.

Third, if you are in need of dragon crystals, there are a few in there for not much cost, likewise, there are a few purple crystals to be earned.

Fourth and last, you have the usual cosmetic stuff. Getting the Nameplate, Chatbox and Profile Frame costs you a few Lotus’.

This years Spring Profusion castle skin will cost you 100 Spring Lotus’, but more importantly, it is the same box as the unique which means you are unable to get both unique artifact and event skin this time.

How does it work?

In order to unlock the good rewards for this event, you need some Spring Lotus’!

These are available in the Shop to be purchased spending real fiat currency. In addition to the event currency Spring Lotus’ you get quite awesome rewards from these bundles. Namely, Dragon Essences and a bunch of gems.

The bundles have 1 stock for the entire event, meaning you have to be careful what you spend on.

The bundles offer quite a lot of Dragon Essences at a standard price compared to the monthly bundles. As such, if you are looking to max out some dragon talents quickly then this event is an excellent opportunity to do that. However, you will not get the holy or shadow dragon crystals that we are used to from the monthly bundles.

The full event shop is as follows (one time purchases)

PriceLotusDragon EssenceEpic Immortal Spirit Chest (Purple Crystals)

Cost of main rewards

So what does the big juicy rewards cost? On the face of it, it seems you are forced to purchase all bundles to get these rewards. Getting the 100 Lotus’ you need to get all bundles. Buying all other bundles than the last big 99.99$ one only gets you 90 Lotus’ as such, you are unable to get the skin or unique artifact without purchasing the entire event shop. If you do, you have 150 Lotus’ and can get skin/unique artifact + immortal unlock and a single dragon crystal box or some cosmetics.

Alternatively, you can be a bit more efficient about it and spend 3,500 gems AND making sure you complete the entire Spring Color’s side event. This in itself it pretty time consuming and spending the gems does mean you can skip on the last big box but it still costs you 85$ and 3,500 gems to obtain the unique Immortal.

If you are only looking to unlock one of the Immortals, you will need to spend 35 bucks to get the first three bundles and 60 lotus’ meaning you have 25 unspent lotus’s you can use on dragon crystals and/or cosmetics.

Alternatively, you can also complete the Spring Colors Side event thus reducing your spend to only 15$ and 3,500 gems. This is the most value you will get from the standard rewards of this event. 15$ and a few gems is good price for 60x Immortal Fragments for one of the four pay-wall Immortals.

All in all the bundle structure for this event is not very good and makes it hard to purchase anything very efficiently.

Good news! Loki for free

Despite the lackluster event reward costs of this event, there is one hidden treat in here for us. Loki!

Our favorite Chaos Immortal is hiding in the Rainy Spring tab of the event. By unlocking all five will get you a total of 40 Loki Fragments, simply by completing the daily quests that release as the event progresses. This is massive reward as Loki is currently the most expensive Immortal of all Infinity Kingdom. All players should pay careful attention to this and make sure you complete all of the quests this year!

More free rewards

This event offers some pretty good free-to-play rewards, they are very easy to get and you get decent value if you like most players need Purple Crystals and speedups.

Published: 17-01-2023