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Lucky Spin aka. the Wheel of Fortune

In the wheel of fortune, you can unlock Epic Immortals and earn dragon shards, speedups and much more. It is a very good event if you want to quickly gain strength with one of the original elements (non shadow/holy). You will get a good bit of dragon soul shards and Epic Immortal Fragments.

Some guides claim that the Wheel of Fortune/Lucky Spin event is good for grinding Purple Crystals. This is not true. With this event you are able to turn your gems into purple crystals at roughly 1:1 ratio, which is not too bad but not efficient. I would remind you however, to check out out Purple Crystal Earners Guide to see alternative ways of earning crystals.

Max spins per day50
Free spins per day1
Spins to clear the wheel25
Total cost in gems14700

Max daily purple crystal gain: 2x 7000 = 14.000

What you get from a wheel clear?Shards/rewardAmountConverted into purple crystal
Jackpot Epic Immortal3013000
Mini Epic Jackpot563000
Elite Immortal2011000
Dragon Shards2001
Market Refreshes202
Experiance Scrolls5x 1.0002

Published 26-01-2022