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Using alts to farm honor

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I am Myrahk and in this article I will share some insights about me and my 14 alts. I have gotten many questions about why I have the number of alts I do, how I manage them and what I get out of it – so here we go!

Relying on your alts to farm is the fastest way to grow!

Honor farming

Alts produce a ton of troops. Don’t let that go to waste! If you maintain a steady routine where you stack up your strongest alt marches in proper form and attack with Rank Advancement honor talent = you are able to consistently keep a very high daily income of honor.

1. Make sure you prepare your alt’s marches for honorfarming.

You want to remove dragons, all passives, artifacts and equipment. Make them as weak as possible while maxing out the level and boost level of the immortal so the troop count is as high as possible.

2. Make sure you have the right talent on in your main before you attack. You need Rank Advancement talent.

Rank advancement works by boosting the honor gain of 1 battle by 100%.

3. You now need to stack garrisons in one alt to max out the potential from your talent-attack.

4. Enjoy endless supply of honor

Published: 21-03-2022

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