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Most efficient Gnome Farming using KvK tactics

Player Guide: Efficient Gnome Farming with Legion of Frostborne Talents

In Infinity Kingdom, farming gnomes efficiently is crucial for continuous growth and development. This guide focuses on maximizing the value of your Action Points (AP) using the Legion of Frostborne talents, specifically the “Encouragement” tactic. By leveraging this talent, you can significantly enhance your farming efficiency during the pre-PvP phase of the Legion of Frostborne event.

Importance of Gnome Farming

Raiding gnomes is essential for several reasons:

  1. Experience Points (EXP): Crucial for leveling up your immortals and enhancing their capabilities.
  2. Enchant Stones: Necessary for upgrading your third and fourth marches, as well as for benched stand-in immortals in specific counter builds.
  3. Gems and Gear: Vital for upgrading your immortal’s equipment and maintaining competitive edge.

Consistent gnome farming ensures that you are always progressing and prepared for upcoming battles.

Introducing the Encouragement Tactic

What is Encouragement?

The Encouragement talent is an alliance tactic available in the Legion of Frostborne event. Its effect:

  • Action Point Reduction: For 10 minutes, all alliance members’ AP consumption is decreased by 20%.

How to Use Encouragement Effectively

Steps to Maximize Efficiency:

  1. Coordinate with Officers: Only alliance officers can activate tactics. Ensure they are aware of the importance of this tactic and are ready to activate it at set times.
  2. Schedule Activation Times: Plan three times a day when Encouragement will be activated. This tactic has a 10-minute duration and a 1-hour cooldown, making it possible to use it multiple times daily.
  3. Announce Activation: Use alliance chat or other communication channels to inform all members when the tactic will be activated. Encourage members to be ready to raid gnome camps during this period.

Execution by officers:

  1. Prepare in Advance: Before the scheduled activation, ensure your marches are ready and your immortals are in optimal condition to raid gnomes.
  2. Focus on High-Value Targets: During the 10-minute window, prioritize raiding higher-level gnome camps for maximum rewards.
  3. Monitor AP Usage: Keep an eye on your AP to ensure you are utilizing the reduced consumption efficiently.

Benefits of Using Encouragement

  • Increased Value: By reducing AP consumption by 20%, you effectively gain 20% more rewards for the same amount of AP spent.
  • Alliance Growth: Coordinated efforts mean that all alliance members benefit, leading to overall stronger and more competitive teams.
  • Resource Optimization: More efficient use of AP means more frequent and productive raids, translating to faster progress and better resource accumulation.


Utilizing the Encouragement tactic in the Legion of Frostborne event is a game-changer for efficient gnome farming. By coordinating with your alliance and strategically planning the activation times, you can maximize your farming efficiency, ensuring continuous growth and resource acquisition. Remember, in Infinity Kingdom, every bit of efficiency counts, and leveraging these tactics will keep you ahead of the competition. Happy raiding!

Published: 17-05-2024