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How to win

How to win in the arena?

Trying to climb the ladder and earn those arena rewards? There are a few tricks to it.


You want your buffs stacked when you are trying to climb the ladder and fight opponents stronger than you or opponents where you sometimes loose a streight fight. Go toss on them buffs – they all work in arena!

  • City buffs / Positions
  • Personal buffs


You want to check out your competition, especially when you begin to reach a rank where your opponents are as strong or maybe even stronger than you – fear not. Stronger opponents are killable if you just do your recon.

Step 1: Find a target —> Click Ranking

Step 2: Inspect your opponents march lineup

This guy runs water, shadow, earth with his main strength in his earth team. We want to counter his lineup now!

Step 3: Edit your own lineup to counter your enemy

  • Our earth can counter his water.
  • Fire performs relatively well versus shadow (much better than vs. water or earth).
  • Lightning counters his earth – especially since we have Khan and he runs Zeno in his earth march.

Step 4: Enjoy! We just beat a player with stronger power and marches with the power of recon and patience.

Gl & hf on the ladder!

Published: 24-02-2022