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Chaos Calculator Tool

Player Guide: Chaos Fragment Collection Calculator

Welcome to the Chaos Fragment Collection Calculator, your essential tool for planning and optimizing your journey towards completing your Loki Fragments collection. This guide will help you navigate the calculator effectively and interpret the results to make informed decisions.

Getting Started: Enter Your Current Fragments

Begin by entering the number of Chaos Fragments you currently possess. This establishes the starting point for the calculator to estimate your progress and tailor recommendations to your specific situation.

Strategize Your Purchases: Enter Bundle Quantities

Next, input the quantities of each bundle you plan to purchase. These bundles offer varying amounts of eyes at different prices, influencing the fragments needed to achieve a complete Chaos Immortal. Experiment with different bundle quantities to find the most cost-effective approach for your goals.

Generate Insights: Click Calculate

Once your current fragments and selected bundle quantities are in place, click the “Calculate” button. The calculator will then generate valuable insights into your collection strategy.

Understanding the Results: Breaking Down Key Metrics

Time Estimate to Complete Collection

This figure provides an estimate of the number of events needed to collect enough fragments for a complete Loki collection. It is expressed in events, giving you a timeline perspective on your progress. There are usually three Chaos Roulette events per month, but that may be subject to change. The calculater will continue collection until you obtain 1640 fragments (or more). Read more about fragment requirements here.

Total Cost per Event

This metric outlines the cost associated with purchasing the selected bundles during each event. Here you are shown the total cost per event given the identical purchase pattern for each event.

Fragments per Event

Discover the number of fragments you’ll obtain in each event based on your chosen bundles. This insight helps you gauge the efficiency of your purchasing strategy. You can earn fragments for all Chaos Immortals in the manner.

Bonus Fragments from Each Tier

The calculator outlines bonus fragments awarded for reaching specific eyes spent milestones. This information allows you to optimize spending and maximize bonus fragment gains.

Total Fragments Collected

Track the sum of your current fragments and those gained from purchases and bonuses. This provides a comprehensive view of your overall collection progress with the given eyes per event.

Bonus Fragments

Understand the bonus fragments earned, calculated as a proportion of the total fragments collected. This rounded-down figure provides a tangible measure of your additional gains. This provides a comprehensive view of your overall collection of bonus tier rewards as you progress with the given eyes per event.

Artifact Fragments

Here you see how many artifact fragments you are expected to collect given the amount of Roulette clears (more with less bonus efficiency).

Total Cost Until Collection is Finished

Get an overview of the cumulative cost required to complete your Loki Fragment collection, factoring in selected bundles and bonus fragments.


  1. The calculator CANNOT bank items to be used at a later event, as such if you are purchasing 75 eyes and thus never achieving a bonus (100 requirement) you will be given a very inefficient result. You can choose to bank the eyes and only spend them once you have 100 or 500 to get the most value out of your eyes, but in that case the “events needed” result should be ajusted manually by you. I would advise you to always get the bonuses and never spend eyes without getting a bonus. Therefore, understand the result metrix as guidance more than set in stone truths.
  2. The calculator will not accept a result with a total fragment collected (current number input by user + collection per event * eventsNeeded) that is lower than the 1640 you need to complete a Chaos Immortal. As such, you will for example see a 500 eye strategy result in overcapping on fragments because it assumes you continue to purchase all 500 eyes on the last even, where you would realistically stop spending earlier since you will have enough fragments without completing this entire last event. For example, if you have 800 fragments to begin with, buy 500 eyes each event then it will take you 5 events to complete the collection. However, after the 4th event you will have 1600 Immortal fragments and thus only need 40 (and not the 200 you get from the entire 5th event). Basically, apply logic when you actually perform the Chaos Roulette and let this tool be a dumb-estimate.

Example Scenario: Applying the Calculator

Consider a player starting with 800 Loki Fragments, planning to purchase specific bundles. After clicking “Calculate,” review the breakdown of time estimates, costs, fragments per event, bonus fragments, and total cost until completion to inform your strategy.

Tips: Refine Your Strategy

  1. Adjust Bundle Quantities: Experiment with different quantities to find the most cost-effective approach for your unique situation. For instance, if you have a long time horizon, you may want to hit 100 eyes per event. However, if you are in a hurry you can ajust accordingly to make sure you obtain as many bonus reward tiers as possible for each event. Note that the 500 bonus is quite powerful for this event.
  1. Optimize Spending for Bonuses: Strategically accumulate eyes to reach bonus tiers, enhancing your fragment gains and overall efficiency.
  2. Explore Strategies: Use the calculator iteratively to explore various purchase strategies, refining your approach over time.

Now equipped with a deep understanding of the Loki Fragment Collection Calculator, embark on your collection journey with confidence and resourcefulness. Happy collecting!

Loki Fragment Collection Calculator

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Published: 28-11-2023