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Immortal Star Upgrade Costs

In this article we shall dive into the fundamentals of Immortals – their fragments. These fragments are what allow you to unlock the Immortal and are required in abundance in order to upgrade your immortal with Star-levels (cap lvl 7).

These levels are super important, not only because they give the Immortal new power boosts, but most importantly because you unlock 3 passive-slots and an artifact slot on your immortals as you progress through the star-ranks (read about artifacts)

  • 1st passive slot requires 3 stars
  • 2nd passive slot requires 5 stars
  • 3rd passive slot requires 7 stars
  • Artifact slot requires 120 fragments AFTER 7th star has been unlocked

Upgrade Stars – Immortal Fragments Required

The requirements in terms of Fragments to upgrade an Immortal’s Star Rank is very different based on the rarity of the Immortal in question. With the added new Quality Chaos (as of patch 2.4 with Loki and Wokung) we now have five tiers of quality.

Below you will find a table of the required Framents for each star level.

Immortal StarsUncommonRareEliteEpicChaos
Artifact Slot204080120160

Earning Immortal Fragments

Earning Immortal Fragments can be done is variety of ways. Some Immortals require you to unlock them via the in-game store, some via King of the Hill, some can be summoned in the Hall, and others are earned in the Lucky Spin or in Theia’s Roulette. You can see many more event guides here.

After you have unlocked an Immortal, you need to keep earning fragments. This can be done in a platitute of ways:

Other ways to increase Immortal Power

Immortal’s power is dependent on multiple factors:

  1. Boost level
  2. Exp level
  3. Star rank

Moreover, their strength grow as you increase your:

  1. Soldier tier
  2. Technology
  3. Honor rank

Published: 05-03-2023