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Gem Upgrade Costs

Guide to Upgrading Equipment Gems in Infinity Kingdom

Upgrading gems in Infinity Kingdom is a crucial aspect of enhancing your immortals’ power, offering tailored stat boosts to fit your strategic needs. This guide focuses on the cost, both in gems and Action Points (AP), associated with upgrading gems to their maximum potential. Understanding these costs is essential for effective resource management and planning your progression in the game.

Gem Upgrading Mechanics

To upgrade a gem to the next level, you need three gems of the previous level. This exponential requirement means that as you aim for higher-level gems, the number of lower-level gems needed increases significantly.

The Exponential Cost of Upgrading

The process of upgrading gems follows a simple rule: 3^n, where n is the number of upgrades needed to reach a desired gem level. Here’s a breakdown of what this looks like in practice:

  • Level 2 gem: 3 Level 1 gems
  • Level 3 gem: 9 Level 1 gems (3 Level 2 gems)
  • Level 4 gem: 27 Level 1 gems (9 Level 2 gems)
  • … and so on, up to Level 8.

Total Gem Requirements

To achieve a single Level 8 gem, which represents the pinnacle of gem enhancement, you need a total of 2,187 Level 1 gems. Given that each piece of equipment can be enhanced with multiple gems, and each immortal in your main march requires a full set of upgraded equipment, the total number of gems needed for a complete upgrade is substantial.

Full Equipment Upgrade Costs

  • For one piece of equipment: 2,187 gems are needed for a single Level 8 gem. Since most equipment pieces can hold multiple gems, multiply this number by the number of gem slots available.
  • For a full set on one immortal: Assuming 4 pieces of equipment, each requiring 4 Level 8 gems, you would need 8,748 gems.
  • For your main march: With 4 immortals, each needing their equipment fully upgraded, the total comes to 139,968 Level 1 gems.

Action Point (AP) Investment

Given the drop rate of gems from gnome camps (averaging 4.26 gems per camp with a 70 AP cost per raid), we can calculate the AP investment required to gather enough gems for upgrading.

AP Cost Breakdown

  • Per Gem: On average, raiding gnome camps consumes 16.44 AP per gem.
  • For a single Level 8 gem upgrade: You’ll need approximately 35,934 AP.
  • For one piece of equipment: Upgrading to include 4 Level 8 gems requires around 143,746 AP.
  • For a full main march upgrade: The total AP investment skyrockets to approximately 2,298,325 AP.

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Strategic Considerations

Efficient Farming

  • Leverage Events: Participate in events that offer double drop rates or additional AP to maximize your gem farming efficiency.
  • Prioritize AP Usage: Balance your AP between essential in-game activities and targeted gnome camp raids for gem farming.

Long-Term Planning

  • Set Incremental Goals: Focus on upgrading gems for one piece of equipment or one immortal at a time to manage the daunting numbers more effectively.
  • Resource Allocation: Plan your AP and gem acquisition strategies around event schedules and your progression goals to ensure steady advancement.


Upgrading gems in Infinity Kingdom represents a significant investment in both resources and time. By understanding the costs involved and strategizing your approach to gem farming and AP management, you can efficiently enhance your immortals’ equipment, thereby boosting your power and effectiveness in the game. Remember, patience and strategic planning are key to navigating the gem upgrade process successfully.

Published: 13-02-2024