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New Immortals in Halls (nov. 2023)

Unveiling the New Immortals in the Hall of Immortals: A Comprehensive Guide

The recent announcement about new Immortals joining the ranks in the Hall of Immortals has sparked both excitement and confusion among Infinity Kingdom players. In this guide, we’ll break down the significance of the Hall of Immortals, explore the newly introduced Immortals, and assess their potential impact on the game.

1. Understanding the Hall of Immortals

What is the Hall of Immortals?

The Hall of Immortals is the temple building inside your castle where players can summon Immortals using Philosopher Stones. The recent announcement of new Immortals being added to the Hall of Immortals signifies a game-changing shift.

Previously, these Immortals were either paywalled or locked behind server vs. server (SVS) events, making them inaccessible to many players. Now, there’s a chance to obtain these powerful Immortals using Philosopher stones, providing a more accessible avenue for both free-to-play and pay-to-play players.

2. Meet the New Immortals

Margaret I (Water Ranged Immortal):

While not considered top-tier, Margaret I brings water-based ranged capabilities to the table. While her impact may be limited, players might discover unique strategies that capitalize on her abilities.

Louis IX (Lightning Frontline Magic Attack Immortal):

Louis IX stands out as a unique magical frontline damage dealer. His presence allows players to run two magical damage dealers in their lightning setups, enhancing the overall effectiveness of lightning teams. Louis IX can contribute additional debuffs and magical damage, making him a valuable addition for those seeking diversity in their strategies.

Toyotomi (Wind Tank Immortal):

Toyotomi introduces a wind tank option, making dodge builds more viable. While he can be used in entertaining dodge-based Manco combo builds, the overall strength of the wind faction and the difficulty of completing the wind dragon limit his broader effectiveness.

Trajan (Fire Tank Buff-Utility):

Trajan provides powerful buffs to fire teams, making him a compelling choice for fire-focused players. His synergy with Seon-Wu-Hippo fire builds, coupled with his availability in the Hall of Immortals, makes maining fire more accessible and cost-effective.

Yi Sun-Shin (Earth Tank):

Yi Sun-Shin, while not a standout, adds variety to earth teams. His damage mitigation abilities differentiate him from other earth tanks, potentially leading to the creation of new and interesting builds.

Seon (Fire Backline Ranged DPS):

Seon emerges as an extremely potent fire Immortal, making fire teams a viable option for free-to-play players. His inclusion in the Hall of Immortals elevates the potential of powerful fire builds.

Ragnar (Water Buff Immortal):

Ragnar transforms water teams by significantly boosting Merlin’s damage. This enables the creation of formidable water builds, such as Hippo-Ragnar-Merlin combinations, making water a more viable main faction.

Mathilda (Wind Energy Regen Buff Immortal):

Mathilda proves to be a powerhouse in PvE builds, providing substantial energy regen buffs. While not a staple in top-tier PvP builds, her availability in the Hall of Immortals may lead to creative strategies in various factions.

Mehmed (Fire Anti-Dodge Immortal):

Mehmed, designed to counter dodge builds, might find niche use in certain setups. However, his overall effectiveness is limited by the current meta, where dodge builds are not prevalent.

Alexander (Earth S-tier Immortal):

Alexander stands out as an absolute S-tier immortal, playing a crucial role in earth and hybrid team compositions. His availability in the Hall of Immortals significantly benefits players aiming to strengthen their earth-based lineups.

Cid (Earth Hybrid Counter Immortal):

Cid, a decent choice to counter hybrid setups, might not be universally favored due to specific performance concerns. However, he remains a viable option for players seeking to diversify their strategies.

Atilla (Water Immortal):

Atilla, a formidable earth Immortal, joins the Hall of Immortals, providing free-to-play players access to a powerful unit. While preferences may vary, Atilla remains a solid choice for those aiming to bolster their earth teams.

In conclusion, the new additions to the Hall of Immortals offer players unprecedented opportunities to diversify their strategies, strengthen their lineups, and explore innovative team compositions. Whether you’re a free-to-play player or one who enjoys the pay-to-play experience, the Hall of Immortals has become a nexus of possibilities in Infinity Kingdom. Adapt, strategize, and may your journey be filled with victorious battles and powerful Immortals!

Published: 25-11-2023