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How to get the highest chance of a bonus roll

Player Guide: Crafting Artifacts with Bonus Rolls in Infinity Kingdom

In Infinity Kingdom, artifacts play a crucial role in bolstering your immortals’ capabilities, with bonus rolls on these artifacts often making a significant difference in battle performance. However, the likelihood of crafting an artifact with a bonus is relatively low, with many players reporting success rates around one in four or five attempts. This guide explores a strategy to potentially increase your chances of obtaining artifacts with desired bonus rolls, focusing on efficiency and resource management.

Understanding Bonus Rolls

Bonus rolls on artifacts can grant additional stats such as bonus damage or energy regeneration, which can substantially enhance an immortal’s effectiveness. The randomness associated with obtaining these bonuses makes crafting a game of patience and strategy.

Strategy for Increasing Bonus Roll Chances

While there’s no guaranteed method to secure bonus rolls, certain practices seem to improve odds based on player experiences. Here’s a strategic approach to try:

Step 1: Building a “No-Bonus Streak”

Begin by crafting lower-tier artifacts, such as green or blue ones, until you accumulate a streak of 4-5 crafts without receiving any bonus rolls. This step is based on the observation that a series of unsuccessful attempts might increase the likelihood of success in subsequent crafts.

Step 2: Crafting Desired Artifacts

Once you’ve established a “no-bonus streak,” proceed to craft the artifact(s) for your targeted immortal(s). This approach hypothesizes that the chances of obtaining a bonus roll are somewhat higher following a series of non-bonus crafts.

Step 3: Bulk Crafting for Key Artifacts

To further optimize your chances, consider saving up resources to craft multiple instances of a desired artifact in one go. For example, if aiming for a bonus on an Alexander artifact, gather enough materials to craft four unique artifacts consecutively. This bulk crafting, combined with the preceding “no-bonus streak,” may improve your odds of landing a bonus roll.

Tips for Efficient Artifact Crafting

  • Resource Management: Efficiently manage your crafting materials, focusing on accumulating enough resources to implement the bulk crafting strategy for artifacts you highly prioritize.
  • Patience and Persistence: Recognize that crafting with the aim of obtaining bonus rolls requires patience. Be prepared for a process of trial and error, and don’t get discouraged by initial failures.
  • Prioritize Key Immortals: Focus your efforts on crafting artifacts with bonus rolls for immortals who will benefit most significantly from the additional stats, thereby maximizing the impact on your overall strategy.
  • Document Your Attempts: Keeping track of your crafting attempts and outcomes can provide insights into the effectiveness of this strategy and help refine your approach over time.


Crafting artifacts with bonus rolls in Infinity Kingdom is a challenge that combines luck with strategic planning. By employing a methodical approach, such as creating a “no-bonus streak” and engaging in bulk crafting for high-priority artifacts, you can potentially increase your chances of acquiring artifacts with beneficial bonus rolls. While this strategy does not guarantee success, it offers a structured way to pursue those game-changing artifact bonuses, making your immortals more formidable on the battlefield.

Published: 19-03-2024