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Tomyris and the Ring of Spirit

Tomyris and Her Unique Artifact “Ring of Spirit” in Infinity Kingdom

Tomyris, a formidable shadow immortal known for her control capabilities, has become an essential figure in the diverse strategic landscape of Infinity Kingdom. Notably, her unique artifact, the “Ring of Spirit,” enhances her ability to dominate the battlefield by manipulating enemy forces and amplifying damage under certain conditions. This article delves into Tomyris’s strengths, her unique artifact, and strategies for maximizing her potential.

Tomyris: The Master of Confusion

Tomyris stands out for her unique control skill that inflicts confusion on enemy immortals, turning them against their allies. This ability not only disrupts the enemy’s strategy but also offers a tactical advantage by effectively reducing the opposing force’s numbers. Tomyris’s versatility allows her to be integrated into various elemental setups, including shadow, fire, lightning, water, and even holy and earth, underscoring her utility across different team compositions.

The Role of Tomyris

While Tomyris may not deal significant damage independently, her value as a support and utility immortal cannot be overstated. Equipping her with auras and blessings enhances her ability to maintain high confusion uptime, which averages between 50-60%. This control aspect makes her an indispensable asset in battles, shifting the balance in your favor.

The “Ring of Spirit” Unique Artifact

The “Ring of Spirit” elevates Tomyris’s debuffing capabilities. Originally designed to increase damage dealt to enemies below 50% health, the artifact extends this threshold to 70% troop count, broadening the window for enhanced damage output across all enemy units. This adjustment is particularly effective in compositions that rapidly deplete enemy troop counts, making the artifact a game-changer in many battles.

Acquisition of the “Ring of Spirit”

Unlocking the “Ring of Spirit” is straightforward, with players able to obtain artifact fragments while maximizing Tomyris in the Galaxy event. The focus should be on acquiring the artifact, with additional attributes being a secondary consideration. Ideally, an artifact roll with the “Surge” bonus for increased energy regeneration would complement Tomyris’s skill set effectively.

Strategic Tips for Utilizing Tomyris and the “Ring of Spirit”

  • Adrenaline Rush Synergy: Despite her average attack speed, Tomyris benefits significantly from “Adrenaline Rush.” This skill enhances her energy regeneration, allowing for more frequent use of her confusion ability and the debuff provided by the “Ring of Spirit.”
  • Strategic Immortal Pairing: Tomyris fits seamlessly into various team compositions, but she shines brightest in setups that can quickly bring enemy units below the 70% threshold, maximizing the utility of her unique artifact.
  • Artifact Prioritization: Focus on acquiring the “Ring of Spirit” to leverage Tomyris’s full potential. The artifact’s ability to expand the damage debuff threshold makes it a priority for players aiming to enhance their strategic options in battle.


Tomyris, with her “Ring of Spirit” unique artifact, represents a pivotal strategic asset in Infinity Kingdom. Her ability to control the battlefield, coupled with the enhanced debuffing capabilities provided by her artifact, positions her as a must-have immortal for players across the spectrum. By focusing on synergy with skills like “Adrenaline Rush” and strategically integrating her into diverse elemental setups, players can unlock new levels of control and damage amplification, cementing their dominance in the realm of Norheim.

Published: 05-04-2024