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Different skill mechanics (Triggered, Passives, Graces, Blessings, Aura)

Infinity Kingdom has a variety of different skills and passives. These in turn all have unique effects and have different mechanics in the way they interact in combat scenarios. For instance, an Aura type passive work very different to a proc-chance trigger ability/passive and entirely different too from how graces and blessings function. Moreover, damage proc’s can both occur and trigger in different ways, some are DoT (damage over time) functions where others are bursty procs. Some trigger from hits, some time, some crits.

The large variation to how skills and passives works in Infinity Kingdom is what makes this game such an awesome experience. You can synergize skills to great effect if you understand a few fundamentals of how the mechanic’s work. This, however, also leads to confusion, since there is a decent degree of complexity in Infinity Kingdom and has given rise to a bunch of player questions regarding how skills and passives functions and interact.

As such, I have promised to make a guide in which I will attempt to explain the fundamental types of skills and passives and how their mechanics should be understood. I will not be going into great detail with every single passive in the game, if you want more information on a particular passive let me know and I will do a thorough Passive Review guide for that. Instead, what we are going to do today is outline classes of passives and explain how each work and how you can think about them in terms of synergizing with passives and other Immortals.

Tower of Knowledge Passives & Immortal Skill classes

  • Triggered skills
  • Blessings & Grace effects
  • Auras
  • Passives

Brief overview of each class of skills

For a more in-depth explanation of each and recommended synergies click on the class of skills you want to know more about to read a full review.

Triggered skills

There are a lot of skills and passives which are “triggered”. Being triggered means that a certain condition has to occur in order for the skills effect to be triggered.

Infinity Kingdom marks some skills as “Passive” and other as “Triggered” despite the fact that they are in fact both Trigger skills (for instance combo). So disregard that in the in-game text, it will only confuse you. Think of all skills that has a trigger as trigger skills!

Take this example: Using a skill like Combo, it reads that when triggered your Immortal inflicts a x% physical damage instance on the enemy Immortal being attacked. Moreover, it is indicated that the trigger condition is normal attacks. As such, when your Immortal has Combo on, there is a x% chance to trigger x% physical damage every time your Immortal performs one normal attack.

On another skill like the Chaotic Blade or one of the magic DoT effects, we have a timer as the trigger.

There are a few different triggered skills in Infinity Kingdom. The fundamentals are all the same:

  1. Trigger condition
  2. Once triggered inflicts skill effect

They do however differ greatly in terms of both trigger condition and skill effects. Read more about the different trigger skills, their conditions and differences in trigger effects here.

Blessings and Grace effects

Blessings and Graces are skills which function by providing a combat buff to x amount of Immortals in your march. This buff is not permanent (like with Auras) but instead temporal. They last for varying amounts of time but provide powerful buffs to your Immortals while active.

Once the buff timer runs out, these skills will no longer provide value for the remainder of the fight. Blessings and Graces are always applied at the beginning of a fight. Meaning that for the first x seconds of a fight your Immortals will have the buff active. Once it runs out or is dispelled it no longer provides value.

Read more about the different Blessings & Graces here


This leads nicely into Aura skills. These skills are tower of knowledge passive which provide a combat buffs and debuffs passively to Immortals.

Auras are in general all powerful skills and as such they are also limited in use. You can only equip one aura on each Immortal, simply because being able to load up three auras on a support Immortal would make hard support Immortals too powerful. As a class of skills there is not much to know about auras besides the fact that:

  1. You can only equip one aura per Immortal
  2. Auras passively provide their unique effect throughout the entire battle

Read more about all the auras and their syngeries here


Lastly, we have the passive type of Tower of Knowledge and Immortal skills. Passives are quite simple. It means that their effects are permanent and applied at all times when equipped. They need no trigger, have no duration timer, cannot be despelled. They simply provide their boon and that’s it!

Examples of Passive skills are Rage, Concentration, Anger, Duel Master, Fighting Master. Some of them are very very powerful. Read more about passives here

Published: 13-12-2022