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How to get the best main attribute for certain

Player Guide: Mastering Artifact Crafting in Infinity Kingdom

Crafting artifacts in Infinity Kingdom is a strategic endeavor crucial to enhancing your immortals’ power. A pivotal aspect of this process is ensuring artifacts possess the desired main attribute, such as physical damage % for Alexander or crit rate % for Wu. Given the randomness in the artifact crafting system, obtaining the right main attribute can seem daunting. However, a clever strategy can significantly increase your chances of success.

The Strategy for Desired Main Attributes

Understanding the Main Attribute Mechanism

When crafting an artifact, the main attribute it receives is randomized from a pool of possible stats. This variability can make it challenging to acquire the specific attribute that best complements your immortal’s strengths. Yet, there’s a trick to navigate this randomness to your advantage.

Utilizing Alts for Predictable Outcomes

The game determines the main attribute of the first artifact crafted each day across all castles under a single account. This pre-determined attribute is consistent across your account, which means you can predict the outcome of your main account’s crafting by first testing on an alt account. Here’s how to execute this strategy effectively:

  1. Log into an Alt Account: Start your day by logging into one of your alt accounts rather than your main.
  2. Craft an Artifact: Proceed to craft an artifact on this alt account. The main attribute of this first daily artifact will reveal what the main account can expect.
  3. Evaluate the Main Attribute: Assess the main attribute that appears on the artifact crafted by your alt. If it aligns with what you desire (e.g., physical damage % for Alexander), you now know the main account will receive the same main attribute on its first craft of the day.
  4. Craft on Your Main Account: Confidently craft an artifact on your main account, knowing it will inherit the same main attribute discovered on your alt.

Note on Bonuses

It’s important to recognize that this method does not influence the bonuses – the additional stats beyond the main attribute that artifacts receive. These remain randomized and unaffected by the alt account trick.

Tips for Efficient Artifact Crafting

  • Daily Crafting: Make artifact crafting part of your daily routine in Infinity Kingdom to steadily accumulate artifacts with desired main attributes over time.
  • Resource Management: Ensure you have the necessary crafting materials ready on both your main and alt accounts to make the most of this strategy.
  • Alt Account Maintenance: Keep your alt accounts at a sufficient level to engage in artifact crafting, focusing on the minimal requirements to participate in this aspect of the game.


Crafting artifacts with specific main attributes can significantly enhance the performance of your immortals in Infinity Kingdom. By employing the strategy of using alt accounts to predict the main attribute outcome, you can tailor your artifact crafting to suit your strategic needs more reliably. Remember, while this method offers control over main attributes, the quest for perfect bonuses remains a challenge of chance, encouraging continuous crafting and optimization of your artifacts.

Published: 19-03-2024