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Artifact Upgrade Costs

Upgrade Materials for Artifacts in Infinity KingdomHarnessing the Power of Sun and Spirit

In the ever-expanding realm of Infinity Kingdom, where powerful Immortals clash for supremacy, artifacts stand as essential tools that can tip the balance in battles and strategic conquests. To wield artifacts at their maximum potential, commanders must delve into the realm of upgrades, a process that requires the rare and potent Upgrade Materials. This article delves into the world of Infinity Kingdom’s upgrade materials, shedding light on how to acquire them and the significance they hold.

How Artifacts Ascend: The Upgrade Process

Artifacts, imbued with mystic power, can be upgraded to enhance their effects and attributes. This process unfolds in the sacred chambers of the Forge building, where Sun Crystals and Empowered Sun Crystals serve as the catalysts for transformation. To navigate the upgrade journey, commanders traverse three tiers of quality: bronze, silver, and gold. Each level promises increased might and versatility.

  • Bronze to Silver: To elevate an artifact from its humble bronze state to the more formidable silver quality, commanders require 40 Sun Crystals. This initial leap forms the foundation for the artifact’s enhanced capabilities.
  • Silver to Gold: The zenith of an artifact’s potential lies in its golden incarnation. Elevating a silver artifact to this eminent state calls for 40 Empowered Sun Crystals. Through this investment of resources, commanders can truly harness the artifact’s full potential, turning the tide of battle in their favor.

In the pursuit of commanding an unstoppable Immortal force, a total of 160 Sun Crystals and 160 Empowered Sun Crystals is needed to equip the four Immortals of the main march with Gold artifacts, a feat that symbolizes true mastery of artifact enhancement.

Gathering the Prized Crystals: Sources of Upgrade Materials

The journey to acquire the essential Upgrade Materials takes commanders through various paths, each offering opportunities to bolster their arsenal and solidify their dominion.

  • Rebel Camps Event: Engaging in the Rebel Camps event presents a chance to amass both regular Sun Crystals and Empowered Sun Crystals. The battlefield yields more than just victory; it gifts the commanders the means to strengthen their Immortals.
  • Wheel of Fortune Events: Fortuna herself smiles upon those who spin the Wheel of Fortune. Within its rotations lie the possibility of securing both types of Sun Crystals, further enhancing the odds of prevailing in the tumultuous battles that characterize Infinity Kingdom.
  • Seasonal Sales: The strategic-minded can seize the chance presented by the Seasonal Sales to acquire Sun Crystals and Empowered Sun Crystals. These special bundles offer an efficient and direct path to amassing the resources needed to empower artifacts.

  • Pearl Shop: The Pearl Shop, a burgeoning emporium of mystical artifacts and rare resources, holds the key to unlocking upgraded power. Both Empowered Sun Crystals and Spiritual Crystals can be acquired here, shaping the destinies of commanders willing to invest.

Chaos Immortals and Spiritual Crystals: A Special Path

In the tapestry of Infinity Kingdom, Chaos Immortals occupy a unique space, demanding a distinct approach to artifact enhancement. These enigmatic beings require the infusion of Spiritual Crystals and Empowered Spiritual Crystals to ascend from obscurity to silver and, ultimately, to gold quality.

  • Spiritual Crystals: Elevating Chaos artifacts from bronze to silver necessitates the use of Spiritual Crystals, available in the Pearl Shop and through the Seasonal Sale bundles. These ethereal resources bridge the gap between the mundane and the exceptional.
  • Empowered Spiritual Crystals: The zenith of Chaos artifact prowess is achieved through Empowered Spiritual Crystals. This refined material, attainable through select avenues, underlines the investment commanders must make to steer Chaos Immortals toward supremacy.

Embrace the Path of Upgrade Mastery

In Infinity Kingdom, artifacts are more than mere trinkets; they are conduits of power, capable of altering the course of battles and determining the fate of realms. The journey toward fully realized artifact potential is a path riddled with challenges and rewards, where Sun Crystals, Empowered Sun Crystals, Spiritual Crystals, and Empowered Spiritual Crystals serve as the pivotal keys. As commanders wield these materials wisely, their Immortals ascend to greatness, and the legacy of their dominion takes shape amidst the chaotic tapestry of Infinity Kingdom.

Published: 15-08-2023