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New Immortal Margaret l (Water)

Margaret l

Ultimate skill: Winter Passage
Inflict physical damage to the enemy team in the fan-shaped area in front (damage rate x%), if the target is affected by the Chill effect, the skill will deal and additional physical damage (damage rate y%), if the target is affected by the silence effect, the physical damage they deal is reduced by z% for 6 seconds.

Damage rate x – 150% / 200% / 250% / 300% / 350% / 400% / 450% / 500%

Additional Damage:
Damage rate y – 90% / 120% / 150% / 180% / 210% / 240% / 270% / 300%

Reduced Damage Dealt:
Damage rate z – 6% / 8% / 10% / 12% / 14% / 16% / 18% / 20%

Infinity Kingdom have a new Immortal taking the field. Margaret l or as the natives of her Kindom of Denmark call her Margrete l reigned the Northern Kingdom of Denmark, Sweeden and Norway from the 1387 and almost five decades on. Queen of the viking decendants she now very fitting comes live to Infinity Kingdom as we battle in the snows of Frostborne.

General Info

  • Role: Backline damage dealer (physical damage)
  • Water element

Water already have Yoshi as a physical backline damage dealer, however many players agree that he is quite low value and thus easily replaced. At first glance, Margeret l seems a good alternative. Her damage is high, she adds defensive utility, but her main problem is that she like Merlin relies on the enemy being influcted by Chill. As such, we cannot run both Merlin and Margret l! This is a huge problem, because she will never be able to replace Merlin. His damage rate is just too high and his energy regen is FAR superior to that of Margret l. She has some of the slowest energy regen of all, making her completly unable to compete with Merlin.

If however, you are unable to get Dido, Baldwin, Khan or Bathory for your water team, you can go for Margaret l and build her as a support as you would Yoshi.

How to unlock her?

He is one of the two new Immortals being released as the reward from Legion of Frostborne’s first conquest season.

He will be in the SvS boxes, and available in the shop afterwards. The shop has 3 types of available bundles resetting daily.

  1. The first bundle costs 1.99$ and contain 1x chest with 5-10 Fragments inside.
  2. The second bundle costs 2.99$ and contain 1x chests also with 5-10 Fragments inside each.
  3. The third bundle costs 4.99$ and contain 2x chests with 5-10 fragments inside each.

You will get around 30 Fragments for 9$ = around 18$ to unlock him. See below for info on maxing him.

Shop Bundles

The shop bundles are not availble yet, will be as conquest finishes. But they will be identical to the ones we have now for the season 2 and season 3 Immortals from SvS.

For more info on the shop and bundles, please see: Game-shop-all-the-bundles/all-bundles-available/

Maxing Margaret l

She is NOT available in the Market nor in the Pearl Shop upon unlock. You have to max from the shop bundles. This will cost you a bit of cash, please see my calculations below if you aim to unlock and rely on him in your army.

Daily 4x chest lootFragments to Max (incl. artifact)Number of days required
Daily 4x Chest costTotal Cost to Max
9 USD306 USD


Overall, I like the direction they are going giving the option for water players to play a full physical damage setup. This is something which has been impossible untill now, with Water forced to rely on Merlin’s insane magic damage to win.

However, I fear that the low regen rate of Margaret l means that she will never be competitive replacement for Merlin. As such, you are going to be forced into either missing Chill effect reducing the output of them both significantly, or run her instead of Merlin. That is really trhe big drawback of this new immortal and the main reason why I do not recommend you spend and rush to get Margaret l maxed. I think she will find her place in some niche setups, but she will not be the core Immortal of the element like we have seen Seondeok become in real main fire teams and as Merlin has been and continues to be for water.

I hope that the Infinity Kingdom team will release a Unique Artifact for her which applies Chill effect on skill cast. In that cast, running her and Merlin backline with AR + Rage Blessing will become an extreemly fun and powerful setup. However, untill you can reliably apply Chill to your enemy in some new way, I do not see this backline performing particularly well. May be slightly better than running Yoshi, but since u run full support anyway it wont be much. You will get far more value from Dido, Baldwin, Khan or Bathory.

Published: 20-01-2023