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All Magic Immortal Unique Artifacts

In this guide we are going to have a look at all of the Magic Immortals that populate Infinity Kingdoms vast battlegrounds. Moreover, we are going to look at each and every single Immortal’s Unique Artifact to let you know where and how you can obtain it!

Unique Artifacts – how to obtain

ImmortalUnique ArtifactHow to obtain Artifact Fragments
LokiInferno CrownTriss Event
HammurabiThe Totem of OrderTriss Event
HimikoThe Golden SealTriss Event + Sparks of Galaxy
Empress WuLocana BuddhaTriss Event
BaldwinThe Silver Mask of BaldwinTriss Event
MerlinDragon’s ProphecyTriss Event
CleopatraThe Eternal SerpentThrone of the Supreme Shop

These UA-Events explained

We have a few different events in play here. Mainly we are getting drops from Triss Event but also from the Throne of the Supreme, the Sparks of Galaxy and from the Chaos Roulette. Let’s dive on in a learn a bit about these events.

Blessings of Triss Event

Blessings of Triss is perhaps the purest whale-event of all in Infinity Kingdom. It is a huge gamle making wishes with relative poor chance for useful rewards spending wish coins only available through spender shop. However, it is an important event for Infinity Kingdom, since it is where most of the unique artifacts are available.

You will get one free wish per day over the three day event period. With each event there will be 6x different Unique Artifacts available, you obtain 30 fragments at a time when you get lucky on a wish.

The chance to get Fragments on a free spin is precisely 6%. Per default you have a 1% chance to obtain each fragment jackpot (hence 6×1% = 6%).

You can exclude rewards you do not need to significantly increase the drop chance of items you do need. However, the amount of wishes required also grow. If you are farming for Unique Artifacts, you should always exclude all Unique Artifacts you do not want.

There is no Free-to-Play way to compete in Triss. You have to spend to get a chance at the Unique Artifacts here.

Every wish also rewards you one Cinder of Wish currency, to be exchanged at the Triss Shop. Here you can buy Unique Artfacts but DON’T! You need the cinders to buy ToK stones.

Throne of the Supreme

Throne of the Supreme is an Arena-styled Cross Realm PvP event. What this means is that you are setting your three march setups just like we do in Arena, and we fight other players in the same way as we do in arena. However, the participating players are not only from your server, but from your entire battlegroup. This means multiple realms/servers fighting. Moreover, it is not a simple ranking scheme, but instead a tournament layout in which we (1) compete for rankings to qualify for (2) the play off stages with standard bracket-styled tournament PvP.

The entire event has a betting mini-game to is, which is the main method of obtaining the Event currency which you can exchange for rewards. These rewards include Unique Artifacts and hence relevant for this article.

Sparks of Galaxy

This event is quite special and in my opinion an awesome event because it offers rewards which has previously been very expensive, for mid-spenders! Yes, you heard correct. In this first itteration we are looking at shadow Immortals and Unique Artifacts available for gems and low-cost bundles!

This means that more players will be able to afford and access (heck, even slow grind) shadow Immortals and their unique artifacts via this event. You do not have to participate in the expensive Triss Roulette and Theia’s Roulette anymore!

There are a few limitations on this event though! Unlike most other events, big spenders are not able to spend on a ton of expensive and low-efficiency 99$ bundles to quickly empty the event. Instead, we have an event shop where the stock limits are quite strict.

Over the course of this 3-day event you can purchase each day:

20 x 5 Frosty Orbs at a cost of = 20,000 gems
1 x 5 Frosty Orbs at a cost of = 0.99$
1 x 10 Frosty Orbs at a cost of = 1.99$
1 x 18 Frosty Orbs at a cost of = 4.99$
1 x 24 Frosty Orbs at a cost of = 9.99$
5 x 32 Frosty Orbs at a cost of = 19.99$

In total per day = 317 Orbs at a cost of 118$ and 20,000 gems.

Sparks of Galaxy event is a very efficient way to obtain the Unique Artifact, since you spend only 9,685 gems per unique artifact crafted. Extreemly cheap, especially compared to Triss which is the only alternative options for these artifacts.

Chaos Roulette

The latest artifact generating event of Infinity Kingdom. Chaos Roulette is unit specific to the Chaos Immortals. As such, this is where you earn both Immortal Fragments and Artifact Schematic Fragments for the Chaos Immortals, e.g. Loki, Wukong.

The event itself is much akin to that of Theia’s Roulette but with Unique Artifact fragments in stead of dragon shards basically.

Published: 05-06-2023