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Reborn Immortals

Upgrading boost levels and leveling up via EXP is very time and resource intensive. In this guide we shall go through how to recoop some of your losses and what to be aware of when you are re-building your setup or when you test different Immortals out.

Boost levels require a lot of different materials plus a scaling gold cost – towards the end it gets real expensive!

You also level up your Immortals in order to increase their stats as well as their baseline troop count.

Alchemy Lab – Reborn

Both boosting and leveling up Immortals are large investments and therefore important decisions as you progress through Infinity Kingdom. Luckily, we are able to “Reborn Immortal” to recoop our costs if we need to test out a new Immortal or swich team compositions.

Important things to know

  1. You get all of your gold and material costs back when you reborn an Immortal. You can thus swap out a main Immortal for a new one without getting behind. Some people will tell you that you only get back 80% like with the ToK skills –> THIS IS NOT TRUE. You get the full amount back.
  2. You get the full exp back as exp scrolls. Not only the scrolls you have invested but the precise amount of EXP held by the Immortal you ment is converted into exp scrolls. e.g. Reborn a lvl 50 immortal and you can remake a new level 50 at once.
  3. Reborn is on a heavy cooldown timer. The timer scales off of how high level/boosted your Immortal is. A 40+ Immortal of Epic quality takes the max CD to reborn = 7 days.
    This means you need to think it through before you reborn. You cannot use speedups to reset the cooldown.

What do I not get back?

You do not get the full amount of Immortal Fragments spent on the Immortal back.

  1. Unlocking costs are not refunded, since the reborn Immortal remain unlocked and available. There is no way to refund an unlock (60 fragments for Epic Immortals).

2. Artifact unlock is not refunded either. When you have maxed the stars on your Immortal, you can unlock artifact slot for an additional fragment cost (120 for Epic). These fragments are not returned to you, based on the same principle as the Immortal unlock. The artifact slot remain unlocked on the Immortal you have reborn. This means that while you cannot recoop the 120 fragments (for an epic), you also don’t have to spend the 120 if you want to build this Immortal back again.

Published: 06-04-2022