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Attila’s Unique Artifact Effect

Attila is one of the many powerful Immortals in Infinity Kingdom. His unique artifact effect reduces the physical and magical defense of silenced opponents in a fan-shaped area. While this effect can be useful in certain situations, it’s important for players to understand its limitations and how to use it effectively.

First, let’s take a closer look at Attila’s unique effect. When Attila uses his ultimate ability, his artifact effect kicks in, reducing the physical and magical defense of silenced opponents in a fan-shaped area. The reduced defense lasts for a short time and is indicated by a red icon on the affected Immortal’s character.

Only applies to silence-procs!

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It’s important to note that Attila’s unique effect only applies to enemies who are currently silenced. If an opponent is not silenced, they will not receive the debuff, and the red icon indicating the debuff will not appear on their character. This means that players using Attila need to time their attacks carefully to take advantage of the debuff when it does proc on their opponents.

One of the key factors that can affect the effectiveness of Attila’s unique effect is the duration of the silence effect. As the silence effect is short-lived, players will need to act quickly to take advantage of the debuff before it wears off. On the other hand, if you are able to hit in this window the player will be able to deal significant damage to their opponents.

Another important factor to consider is the range of Attila’s unique effect. While the effect covers a fan-shaped area in front of Attila, it has limited range and will only affect opponents within a certain distance. Players need to position Attila strategically to ensure that his unique effect covers as many opponents as possible.

How to see when Attila’s silence and debuff is applied?

In-game, the reduced physical and magical defense debuff from Attila’s unique artifact effect will appear as a red icon on the enemy Immortals that are silenced and affected. When the silence duration ends, the debuff will disappear from the affected Immortal.

For example, in the first image provided, you can see that the debuff is not applied to Qin or Barca because they are not currently silenced.

In contrast, in the second image, the debuff applied by Ragnar means that he is receiving increased magical damage, and the debuff appears as a red icon on his character.

So, how can players use Attila’s unique effect effectively in battle? One strategy is to pair Attila with Immortals that have strong damage abilities, such as Merlin. Merlin is able to do very high and overwhelming damage to your opponents, especially if the window lines up with Attila’s unique effect to kick in and reduce their physical and magical defense.

Furthermore, you want to try and time Attila’s attacks to coincide with other Immortal abilities. For example, players can use Attila’s unique effect in combination with Ragnar’s ability to deal increased magical damage to opponents with reduced magical defense and trying to line it up with Merlin’s Ultimate hit. This can result in massive burst damage to opponents, allowing players to quickly take out key targets and turn the tide of battle in their favor.

It’s also important for players to be aware of the limitations of Attila’s unique effect. As mentioned earlier, the effect only applies to opponents who are currently silenced. This means that Attila’s unique effect is not as powerful as some players may think, as the window for which Merlin needs to hit his skill for the added damage is limited. If players are lucky and their opponents are silenced, they will receive a big boost in damage. However, if the silence effect does not proc on the opponent, Attila’s debuff is not as potent as the unique effects of other Immortals such as Ragnar or Herald, which have longer durations and provide more time for Merlin to strike with a massive burst hit.

In conclusion, Attila’s unique artifact effect can be a powerful tool in the right situations. However, players need to be aware of its limitations and use it strategically to maximize its effectiveness in battle. By pairing Attila with Immortals that have strong crowd control abilities, timing attacks to coincide with other Immortal abilities, and positioning Attila strategically, players can take advantage of Attila’s unique effect and deal significant damage to their opponents.

Published: 13-04-2023