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Patch 2.3 equipment S1 & S2 + new equipment coming soon

As we know, gnome camps drop different equipment (read gnome item drops). These items have different stat values based on its type. Swords have physical attack, strength and crit value. Robes has Physical Defense, Magical Defense, Strength and Dodge Value, etc.

These stats are predefined based on the item type and item slot. You cannot change of mod the stat types. What you can do, is upgrade your equipment scaling the value of each stat higher with every level/rank.

In addition to an items level/rank an items sum of stats are increased by the rarity of the item. Rare items are stronger than Uncommon items because it yields more stat value for each stat. Likewise, the Rare item is weaker than Elite equipment – and so on.

Epic items have additional inherent item tiers within the quality type:

  1. Epic+ elemental (if bonus applies)
  2. Epic elemental (if bonus applies)
  3. Epic+
  4. Epic

In patch 2.3 they we have a name change to existing equipment adding “S2” to the new equipment from patch 1.8.
Moreover, the game has introduced new stronger equipment (however it is unobtainable as of patch 2.3 current).

Current equipment as of patch 2.3

Best item rankQualityPhysical DefenseMagical DefenseAgilityAccuracy Value
5S2 Epic29,62319,739,5
4Epic+ elemental 31,224,320,841,6
3S2 Epic+32,625,321,743,4
2S2 Epic elemental34,0426,4522,6645,43
1S2 Epic+ elemental 37,4929,12549,9

New gear has been released – not yet available to players

We have new gear being introduced with patch 2.3 (august 2022). However, as the patch is released there is no way to obtain this new equipment. Likely, it will either be available on servers that have completed S3 of SvS or will be available sometime next year when new levels and more is released.

This new gear seems to follow the same trend as equipment introduced in patch 1.8. Thus the new equipment ranking will be as follows (in the following, I will call the gear by its names as well as nicknames as people seem to confuse them a lot).

Best item rankSeasonQuality
1Season 3S3 Epic+ elemental
2Season 3S3 Epic elemental
3Season 3S3 Epic+
4Season 2S2 Epic+ elemental
5Season 3S3 Epic
6Season 2S2 Epic+
7Season 1Epic+ elemental
8Season 2S2 Epic
9Season 1Epic elemental
10Season 1Epic+
11Season 1Epic
Season 3Season 2Season 1

Published: 27-08-2022