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Immortal: Tomyris

Unleashing the Power: A Comprehensive Guide to Tomyris, the Shadow Immortal

Commanders, welcome to the realm of Infinity Kingdom, where Immortals of great power shape the fate of kingdoms. In this guide, we will delve into the exceptional prowess of Tomyris, the Shadow Immortal. Renowned as the Queen of control, Tomyris brings an unprecedented level of dominance to the battlefield, making her an invaluable asset in various setups and builds.

General Info

  • Role: Backline Support
  • Shadow element
  • Leads bowmen

How to unlock her?

She is like all the other Epic shadow Immortals released (besides Bathony) only available through Theia’s Routelette. To find out more about the costs of maxing her as well as strategies to efficiently unlock/max her, see my guide on Theia’s.

She is also available in the much cheaper Sparks of Galaxy event, which is where you want to go to unlock her! This way you get both cheap fragments and unique artifacts while you are at it. This is a huge deal and something you want to do.

Tomyris’ Ultimate Ability


Ultimate Ability: Crimson Arrows

Causes Confuse to 1 random enemy unit for 6s, if the target being confused has less than 50% troops remining with it, increases the damage dealt to the entire enemy by x% for 4s.

Damage Taken Increase: 4.5% / 6% / 7.5% / 10.5% / 12% / 13.5% / 15%

His ultimate ability is quite interesting. For one, it is amongst the few things in this game to cause the control “confuse”. Confuse works more like a mind-control in many other games than a confuse from pokemon. E.g. Tomyris uses her ultimate and causes confuse to Peter the Great. For 6s, Peter will attack his own team mates, and will use his Ultimate ability to damage his own team mates. This also works for healing, e.g. if we have a Theo being “confused” she will heal Tomyris’ team and not her own.

Is she any good?

1. Tomyris: The Mistress of Control:

Tomyris stands tall as a pinnacle of control in the Infinity Kingdom, and her shadowy presence brings a game-changing element to battles. What sets her apart is her exceptional ability to achieve a staggering 50% uptime on her Confuse control skill, tipping the odds in your favor by turning the battlefield into a 5v3 confrontation for half of the fight.

2. Simple Yet Potent Skills:

Tomyris’s strength lies in the simplicity yet potency of her skills. Her toolkit is designed for maximum impact with minimal complexity, making her an accessible yet formidable choice for commanders of all experience levels. The core of her power lies in her Confuse skill, disrupting enemy formations and creating opportunities for your Immortals to seize control of the battlefield.

3. Versatility Across Elements:

What sets Tomyris apart is her remarkable versatility across different elements. While she excels naturally in shadow teams, her influence extends to fire, water, and even holy setups. This flexibility makes her a standout Immortal, allowing commanders to experiment with a variety of team compositions and strategies.

4. Crafting the Perfect Team with Tomyris:

Building a team around Tomyris is a thrilling endeavor, as her control abilities open up avenues for diverse and well-crafted setups. Whether you prefer the shadow’s dark allure, the fiery intensity of a fire team, the fluidity of water formations, or the sacred strength of a holy team, Tomyris adapts seamlessly, showcasing her adaptability and making her an enjoyable Immortal to build around.

5. The Joy of Mastery:

Tomyris is not only an extreemly powerful Immortal but also a source of immense joy for those seeking to master the intricacies of team building. Her dynamic gameplay and impactful control skills create a dynamic and engaging battlefield experience, making her a go-to choice for commanders who appreciate both power and enjoyment in their strategic endeavors.

6. Conclusion:

In conclusion, Tomyris, the Shadow Immortal, stands as a beacon of control, offering commanders an unparalleled opportunity to shape the tide of battle. Her simplicity, versatility across elements, and ability to consistently achieve 50% uptime on her control skills make her an extraordinary Immortal. Whether you’re a seasoned commander or a newcomer to Infinity Kingdom, Tomyris is a force to be reckoned with, promising not only power but also the joy of crafting diverse and effective teams. Embrace the shadow, commanders, and lead your Immortals to victory with Tomyris at the helm!

Published: 03-01-2024