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New Immortal: Tomyris

Infinity Kingdom have a new Immortal taking the field. Tomyris who defeated Cyrus the Great in 530 BC has now landed in Infinity Kingdom where she has been aligned with the shadow element. I am very interested in seeing how she will faire in the shadow composition, but unfortunately I do not think she will do very well – only time will tell tho!

General Info

  • Role: Backline Support
  • Shadow element
  • Leads bowmen

How to unlock her?

She is like all the other Epic shadow Immortals released (besides Bathony) only available through Theia’s Routelette. To find out more about the costs of maxing her as well as strategies to efficiently unlock/max her, see my guide on Theia’s.

Tomyris’ Ultimate Ability


Ultimate Ability: Crimson Arrows

Causes Confuse to 1 random enemy unit for 6s, if the target being confused has less than 50% troops remining with it, increases the damage dealt to the entire enemy by x% for 4s.

Damage Taken Increase: 4.5% / 6% / 7.5% / 10.5% / 12% / 13.5% / 15%

His ultimate ability is quite interesting. For one, it is amongst the few things in this game to cause the control “confuse”. Confuse works more like a mind-control in many other games than a confuse from pokemon. E.g. Tomyris uses her ultimate and causes confuse to Peter the Great. For 6s, Peter will attack his own team mates, and will use his Ultimate ability to damage his own team mates. This also works for healing, e.g. if we have a Theo being “confused” she will heal Tomyris’ team and not her own.

Is she any good?

Like always with new Immortals that has not been tested and proven, I have to say clearly that I do not know and cannot possibly know. I do however, have an idea of how she will be working. And I am affraid it wont be very well.

With 135 energy regen she has almost no downtime. This means she will have near 100% uptime on her confuse ability, making your battle 5v3. With Himiko, 5v2. This sounds insanely strong, and it is difficult to imagine how anything can fight 2v5. In reality though, she brings no healing, no damage. This means that every second she does not have anyone confused you are infact playing from behind yourself.

Having a support with a strong CC and a damage debuff is very strong in any setup. But the problem with this one is that we already have Himiko in shadow providing a CC and decent damage. So what can we do, we can swap out Bathony for Tomyris and have insane control. Sounds great! But will we lack the damage? Probably. Bathony is the majority of our damage (and also provides very nice sustain and control!), we will simply not be able to kill anything fast enough without Bathony. Killing things fast is the way shadow works. If you wanna do a long sustain setup, go holy or earth. In shadow we nuke and reliably kill atleast 1 of our enemy’s Immortal on the first dragon + Himiko combo.

The strength of shadow at the moment is in the backline bathony-himiko. The weakness and were we might want a new Immortal is Bjorn (which is why the clever shadow players run Barca with unique or Alex).

Published: 30-05-2022