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Goddesses’ Waist Belt (Hippolyta)

Mastering Hippolyta’s Unique Artifact in Infinity Kingdom

Hippolyta, a fire Immortal renowned for her formidable presence on both the battlefield and against bosses, becomes an even more critical asset to any lineup with the acquisition of her Unique Artifact. This guide delves into the strategic enhancements brought by this artifact, how to obtain it, and its pivotal role in maximizing Hippolyta’s potential in Infinity Kingdom.

The Power of Hippolyta’s Unique Artifact

Hippolyta’s Ultimate Ability, already a game-changer due to its capacity to control enemy energy regeneration and attack speed, receives a significant boost with her Unique Artifact. The artifact upgrades her ultimate from delivering 5 strikes to a devastating 7 strikes. Each strike not only inflicts 120% physical damage but also reduces the enemy’s energy by 100 and their attack speed by 10%. This enhancement not only amplifies the damage dealt but also escalates the control aspect of her ability, making Hippolyta an indispensable Immortal for fire and hybrid setups alike.

Strategic Implications

  • Enhanced Control: The additional strikes further cripple the enemy’s ability to regenerate energy and reduce their attack speed, significantly hampering their combat effectiveness.
  • Increased Damage Output: With 2 extra hits at 120% physical damage each, Hippolyta’s overall damage capability skyrockets, making her even more lethal in PvP and against bosses.

Obtaining Hippolyta’s Unique Artifact

Fortunately for players, acquiring Hippolyta’s Unique Artifact is relatively straightforward, making this power boost accessible to a wide player base.

Throne of the Supreme Shop

The artifact is a permanent fixture in the Throne of the Supreme shop, allowing players to target their resources specifically to acquire this item.

Special Bundles and Stellar Compass Event

In addition to the shop, the artifact can also be found in special bundles and as part of the rewards in the Stellar Compass event. These avenues provide flexibility in obtaining the artifact, ensuring that players can leverage different aspects of the game to secure this valuable item.

Maximizing Hippolyta’s Potential

With the Unique Artifact in hand, players should consider the following strategies to fully leverage Hippolyta’s enhanced capabilities:

Skill Composition

You want to incorporate a high energy regen build on your Hippolyta. She provides value through her ultimate ability and having high energy regen means a lot more hits – especially when you have the unique artifact! Because she hits so many times with each cast, you can run Energy Burst for high effect.

Artifact Synergy

Focus on enhancing other aspects of Hippolyta’s gear and abilities that synergize with the control and damage aspects of her enhanced ultimate. Prioritizing physical damage and speed reduction effects can further magnify her battlefield control.

Tactical Deployment

Deploy Hippolyta strategically in PvP battles and against bosses where her enhanced ultimate can disrupt enemy formations or significantly reduce boss effectiveness. Identifying key enemy targets or boss mechanics susceptible to energy and attack speed reduction can dictate the timing and focus of her ultimate ability.


Hippolyta’s Unique Artifact transforms her into an even more powerful Immortal, with significant implications for control and damage in PvP and PvE content alike. Its relatively easy acquisition makes it a must-have for players looking to enhance their lineup’s effectiveness. By obtaining this artifact and employing strategic deployment and synergy, players can unlock the full potential of Hippolyta, making her a cornerstone of their Immortal roster in Infinity Kingdom.

Published: 13-02-2024