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All Defense Immortal Unique Artifacts

In this guide we are going to have a look at all of the Defense Immortals that populate Infinity Kingdoms vast battlegrounds. Moreover, we are going to look at each and every single Immortal’s Unique Artifact to let you know where and how you can obtain it!

Unique Artifacts – how to obtain

ImmortalUnique ArtifactWhere to obtain artifact fragments
BjornSource of TerrorTriss Event
King ArthurScabbard of AvalonPinball
El CidThe Song of the CidTriss Event + 5-day recharge bundles + Seasonal events
LeonidasTitan’s ProveTriss Bundles + Pinball
Julius CaesarJulian CalendarTriss Event
CharlesGrasps of GloryTriss Event
RagnarWar HelmTriss Event
TrajanTrajan’s ColumnTriss Event
TokugawaGolden BlunderbussTriss Event
ToyotomiOrder of PeaceTriss Event
Yi Sun-ShinSpear ShipTriss Event
RichardDeath and GloryTriss Bundles + Pinball

These UA-Events explained

We have a few different events in play here. Mainly we are getting drops from Triss Event but also from the 5-day bundles and from Pinball.

Let’s dive on in a learn a bit about these 3 different events.

1 Blessings of Triss Event

Blessings of Triss is perhaps the purest whale-event of all in Infinity Kingdom. It is a huge gamle making wishes with relative poor chance for useful rewards spending wish coins only available through spender shop. However, it is an important event for Infinity Kingdom, since it is where most of the unique artifacts are available.

You will get one free wish per day over the three day event period. With each event there will be 6x different Unique Artifacts available, you obtain 30 fragments at a time when you get lucky on a wish.

The chance to get Fragments on a free spin is precisely 6%. Per default you have a 1% chance to obtain each fragment jackpot (hence 6×1% = 6%).

You can exclude rewards you do not need to significantly increase the drop chance of items you do need. However, the amount of wishes required also grow. If you are farming for Unique Artifacts, you should always exclude all Unique Artifacts you do not want.

There is no Free-to-Play way to compete in Triss. You have to spend to get a chance at the Unique Artifacts here.

Every wish also rewards you one Cinder of Wish currency, to be exchanged at the Triss Shop. Here you can buy Unique Artfacts but DON’T! You need the cinders to buy ToK stones.

2 5-day bundles

In the in-game shop we have a special Recharge Gift Bundle available in rotations. These are special 5-day bundles, where you have to purchase 5 consecutive packs for 10 bucks to unlock the 5-day “event” reward, which on rotation is a Unique Artifact for certain Immortals. See top table which Immortals.

7 Primal Pinball

In the Primal Pinball Event, players are able to spend gems in exchange for Unique Artifact Fragments. You simply spend 50 gems per Pinball ball and have a low chance to get the jackpot. This event averages out to between 25-35K gems per unique artifact, which is not terrible at all.

Published: 05-06-2023