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Hannibal Barca and the War Colossus

Mastering Hannibal Barca’s Unique Artifact “The War Colossus” in Infinity Kingdom

Hannibal Barca, renowned for his tactical prowess on the battlefield, becomes an even more formidable force with his unique artifact, “The War Colossus.” This guide explores the transformative impact of the artifact on Hannibal’s combat capabilities, how to acquire it, and strategies for deploying Hannibal to maximize his potential in your earth-wind hybrid setups.

The Power of “The War Colossus”

“The War Colossus” elevates Hannibal’s ultimate ability from an energy-dependent skill to a passive cleave effect, activating immediately upon entering combat. This significant change allows Hannibal to front-load his damage output, synergizing exceptionally well with Tower of Knowledge skills that trigger at the battle’s outset.

Strategic Advantages

  • Immediate Damage Application: Hannibal’s shift from an active to a passive skill application ensures that he can contribute significant cleave damage from the moment combat begins.
  • Synergy with Rapid Activation Skills: Skills like Cleave, Anger, Fighting Master, Wind Rage, and Berserker become incredibly potent when paired with Hannibal, as they complement his ability to deliver immediate battlefield impact.

Acquiring “The War Colossus”

“The War Colossus” is remarkably accessible, making it a viable upgrade for both free-to-play and paying players:

Seasonal Events and Stellar Event

These events frequently offer “The War Colossus” as a reward, providing players with multiple opportunities throughout the year to obtain and enhance this powerful artifact.

The Mysterium

Another avenue for acquiring “The War Colossus,” the Mysterium presents a challenge-based method to gain this artifact, ensuring that dedicated players can work towards obtaining it through gameplay.

Utilizing Hannibal Barca and “The War Colossus”

Earth-Wind Hybrid Setup

Deploying Hannibal in an earth-wind hybrid team composition leverages the immediate damage output enabled by “The War Colossus.” Pairing Hannibal with Alexander, who also benefits from a unique artifact, creates a formidable front line capable of delivering rapid, devastating damage as combat initiates.

Building Toward Strengths

  • Skill Selection: Opt for skills that enhance early battle dominance. The aforementioned skills like Cleave and Wind Rage are particularly effective, augmenting Hannibal’s cleave effect with additional damage, speed, or control effects.
  • Strategic Positioning: Position Hannibal and Alexander to maximize their engagement with enemy forces. Their enhanced abilities can quickly disrupt enemy formations and reduce the effectiveness of opposing front-line units.
  • Artifact and Equipment Optimization: Beyond “The War Colossus,” ensure that Hannibal’s equipment set is optimized for physical damage output and durability, enabling him to sustain his presence on the front lines.


Hannibal Barca’s unique artifact, “The War Colossus,” transforms him into a pivotal asset for any player looking to dominate with an earth-wind hybrid setup. The artifact’s ability to convert Hannibal’s ultimate into a passive skill not only enhances his immediate damage potential but also opens up new strategic avenues for skill synergy and battlefield control. By strategically acquiring “The War Colossus” through seasonal events, the Stellar event, or the Mysterium, players can significantly boost their team’s performance, making Hannibal a cornerstone of their combat strategy. With the right approach and skill selection, Hannibal Barca will lead your forces to victory, embodying the tactical genius he was known for throughout history.

Published: 01-03-2024