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Equipment ranking – BiS / tier list

Key points

You want to replace old gear for new Epic+ or new Epic+ with elemental bonus.

DO NOT replace old Epic+ elemental with new basic epic gear.

Read the article Level 1-50 – Best Gnomes to farm for more info on gnomes and equipment droprates


As we know, gnome camps drop different equipment (read gnome item drops). These items have different stat values based on its type. Swords have physical attack, strength and crit value. Robes has Physical Defense, Magical Defense, Strength and Dodge Value, etc.

These stats are predefined based on the item type and item slot. You cannot change of mod the stat types. What you can do, is upgrade your equipment scaling the value of each stat higher with every level/rank.

In addition to an items level/rank an items sum of stats are increased by the rarity of the item. Rare items are stronger than Uncommon items because it yields more stat value for each stat. Likewise, the Rare item is weaker than Elite equipment – and so on.

Epic items have additional inherent item tiers within the quality type:

  1. Epic+ elemental (if bonus applies)
  2. Epic elemental (if bonus applies)
  3. Epic+
  4. Epic

With the new release of items from 1.8 patch, the above tier system no longer works as old items carry lower stats than their new version equivilants. The following is an example of how old item tiers compare to new 1.8 items of same tier and quality.

1.8 Equipment ranking

This example looks at a Tank Helmet level 0.

Best item rankOLD / NEWQualityPhysical DefenseMagical DefenseAgilityAccuracy Value
4OLDEpic+ elemental 31,224,320,841,6
2NEWEpic elemental34,0426,4522,6645,43
1NEWEpic+ elemental 37,4929,12549,9


The stats on epic gear is identical to epic with elemental bonus. Likewise, epic+ and epic+ with elemental bonus gear is also identical (see below). Therefore, this means that if you have no elemental gear for a specific item slot on one of your immortals, you should run any epic+ OR epic+ elemental of any element – since even without the bonus, an epic+ with the wrong element is still equal to an epic+ and superior to the old elemental gear.

Calculating the bonus of elemental gear is easy. As stated on the items, you get a 15% stat boost if you equip set item on an immortal from the matching element. Hence, our Epic elemental helmet from the above calculations, has a base value of 29,6 physical defense * 1,15 = 34,04.

Scaling does not change the calculations/rankings

Leveling an item up increases its’ stat value. Therefore, there might be scaling issues that would change the rankings as an item is leveled up. It does not appear so. The ranking remain: New ele bonus > New epic+ > old ele bonus > new epic > rest.