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Passive Skills

Passive Tower of Knowledge skills are skills which provide their effects permanently when equipped. They only work on the single Immortal they are equipped but they need no trigger, have no duration timer, cannot be despelled. They simply provide their boon and that’s it!

There are a few different types of Passive Skills. They have three purposes:

  1. Offensive
  2. Defensive
  3. Utility

1. Offensive Passives

For offensive passives you have skills such as Concentration, Anger, Duel Master, Rage. These provide a flat bonus to your Immortal which increase the damage dealt by your Immortal.

For instance, Concentration boosts a mage’s magical damage dealt by 30% (MASSIVE) and likewise ít’s counterpart Anger provides 30% more physical damage dealt (also MASSIVE).

2. Defensive Passives

Defensive Passives such as Physical Shield and Magical Shield, provides a flat boost to your defenses. As their names suggest, Physical Shield gives you enhanced protection against physical damage and makes your single Immortal take 30% less physical damage. Likewise, Magical Shield provides 30% less magical damage taken.

3. Utility Passives

These are some of the most interesting skills in all of Infinity Kingdom. They are extreemly powerful to use as hard counters against certain enemy setups. They provide highly specific and niche buffs / Immunities to your Immortals.

For example, Duel Master can be used for extreem value against an enemy wounds-setup. If you have a healer, then you will die hard to wounds. But with Duel Master, you can ensure that one of your core damage dealing Immortals keeps being healed.

Same concept for another skill like Fighting Master. This one provides immunity to Control Effects (does not work on Himiko). This is likewise extreemly powerful against certain setups. For instance if you fight against an earth team, being Immune to dragon stun provides a huge advantage!

Published: 13-12-2022