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Trajan versus William Crit rate on Troops versus Immortals

There are many Ultimate Abilities in Infinity Kingdom, one that has a particular intricate mechanic behind it, is the odd differentiation being made between the two Fire Immortal’s William and Trajan on the way their Ultimate Ability work.

Williams Ultimate Ability reads “…. increases the Crit Rate of all your troops by x% for 6s.” whereas the Ultimate Ability of Trajan reads “… Immortal’s critical chance will be increased by 10% for 6 seconds, stackable up to 5 times.”

This leads us to a very interesting question. One that a player recently asked me via my YouTube Channel. He asked me “what is the difference is between “boosting the crit rate of troops” as mentioned in William’s skill and “boosting the crit chance of immortals” as mentioned in Trajan’s skill? Is there any difference between “boosting the crit rate of troops” and “boosting the crit rate of immortals”? Which one is better?

This is what today’s guide is going to be all about. What the devil is the difference?

Difference between boosting Troop stats and Immortal stats

So there is a major difference between increasing the attributes/stats of your troops and of your Immortals. First of all, Immortal’s Ultimate Ability’s are damage scaled based on the attributes of both your Immortals and your Troops. That means that at high troop counts (where we do a lot of damage) boosting troop attributes is a big deal. However, we do not know the precise damage equation and as such I cannot prove that troop boosts are in fact stronger than Immortal boosts. Although I can say with confidence that they are.

Besides this, I asked an employee as the Infinity Kingdom team to comment on what the difference means for players. He had a very interesting reply!

It turns out, that boosting troops means that all troops regardless of troop type and Immortal affinity/element are affected (makes sense). However boosting “Immortal’s critical chance” ONLY works on fire Immortals!

What this means then, is that William is boosting the the Crit Rate of any friendly troops whereas Trajan’s boost to Immortal’s Critical Chance only apply to other Fire Immortal’s.

This is a big deal if you are doing hybrids. I have seen many players try and mix fire boosters like Trajan and William with e.g. lightning and shadow. It is very important to stress that you CANNOT use Trajan in a hybrid. Turns out he simply dosen’t work! However, William does work, making him a very nice card to hold if you need to boost the Crit Rate of one of your marches. Maybe you are doing a Shadow Crit build?

Which is better then?

As for which is better. I think it’s pretty simply. If you run Fire, Trajan is better. His skill is simply better as it quickly stacks up providing both 50% Critical chance increase (basically making it near impossible for your Chase and Seon’ Ultimate’s to not proc constantly. Furthermore, every time it is applied you engage the fire dragon’s third skill providing you a nice damage buff. With Trajan’s buff mechanic, you get a reliable and consistent application of this dragon buff.

With the Unique Artifacts for both William and Trajan, the same story continues. William becomes stronger and is still very strong. However, Trajan’s buffs are boosted a lot more and he becomes extreemly powerful in your fire team – but useless in anything but fire!

Ultimately, for the classic Seon + Wu + Hippo fire build, you want Trajan as the last Immortal. However, if you are running one of the dual mage builds without Seon in it (e.g. Baldwin + Wu), then I would actually recommend you running BOTH William and Trajan. These two Immortals do have very nice synergy between them, and provide massive burst potential for a hyper agressive dual mage fire team.

Hippolytta’s energy regen control and ability to consistently ensure Seon crit-procs is however just too strong to pass on for a main march pure-fire team. As such, Trajan ultimately wins the fight for last spot.

Published: 04-02-2023