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Gem Droprate

Detailed Guide: Gem Drop Rates from Raiding Gnomes in Infinity Kingdom

With the introduction of patch 2.6.6 in Infinity Kingdom, a new gem feature has been unveiled, revolutionizing how players can enhance their immortals’ equipment. These gems, attainable through raiding gnome camps, allow for a customizable boost in equipment power, tailored to the strengths and strategic needs of your immortals. This guide dives into the drop rates of gems from gnome camps, providing a comprehensive analysis based on real-world data to help you strategize your raids effectively.

Gem Acquisition and Drop Rates

Gathering Data

Over the course of raiding 1,413 gnome camps, including sessions during double drop rate events (where the gem count was halved to maintain accuracy), an average of 4.26 gems per camp was observed. Here’s a breakdown of what this means for your resource allocation:

  • Action Point (AP) Cost: Each gnome camp raid requires 70 AP, translating to an expenditure of 16.44 AP for every gem acquired. Thus, for every 1,000 AP spent, players can expect to receive approximately 60.9 gems.

Understanding the Gem Requirement

To level up a gem, three gems of the previous level are required. This requirement might seem modest at first glance, but the exponential growth across 8 gem levels means the numbers can quickly escalate:

  • To craft a single level 8 gem, you need 2,187 gems.
  • For a full equipment set on your main march (comprising 4 pieces of equipment per immortal, with 4 immortals), the total comes to a staggering 139,968 gems.

AP Investment

Given the drop rates and the gem requirements for equipment enhancement, the AP needed for a fully upgraded main march is considerable:

  • Total AP needed: 2,298,325 AP, or equivalently, 2,298 “1K AP bottles”.
  • For upgrading a single piece of equipment (e.g., the weapon of your main damage dealer), you’re looking at 8,748 gems, requiring 143,746 AP.

Read more about upgrading Gems here.

Strategies for Efficient Gem Farming

Prioritizing Gnome Camp Raids

Given the high AP cost per gem, strategic allocation of your AP towards gnome camps, especially during double event periods, is crucial for maximizing your gem haul.

Balancing AP Use

Diversify your AP expenditure to balance between essential daily tasks and gnome camp raids. Prioritizing gnome raids during double drop rate events can significantly enhance your efficiency.

Planning for the Long Haul

The journey to fully upgrade your main march’s equipment with level 8 gems is a marathon, not a sprint. Setting incremental goals, such as focusing on upgrading one piece of equipment at a time, can make the task seem less daunting.

Utilize Events and Bonuses

Maximize participation in events that offer increased drop rates or additional AP rewards to boost your gem farming efficiency without exhausting your AP reserves too quickly.


Farming gems through raiding gnome camps in Infinity Kingdom is a resource-intensive endeavor that demands strategic planning and patience. Understanding the drop rates and the sheer volume of gems needed for high-level upgrades can help you make informed decisions on how to allocate your AP effectively. By leveraging events and managing your resources wisely, you can gradually enhance your immortals’ equipment, significantly boosting your prowess in the realm.

Published: 06-02-2024