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How to obtain Crimson Moonlights

Player Guide: How to Obtain Crimson Moonlights in Infinity Kingdom

Crimson Moonlights are one of the essential resources in Infinity Kingdom, primarily used for purchasing exclusive artifacts and advancing in various game aspects. Understanding the best ways to acquire them can enhance your gameplay efficiency and strategy. This guide will explore the three main methods for obtaining Crimson Moonlights: Primal Pinball, Deep Sea Eye Merchant, and Golden Path.

1. Primal Pinball

Overview: Primal Pinball is a dynamic weekly lottery event where players use pearls to aim for prizes on a pinball board. The event runs for three days, offering players a chance to win various rewards, including the coveted Crimson Moonlights.


  • Purchase Strategy: To maximize cost-efficiency, opt for the $5 bundle, which provides 18 pearls at approximately 28 cents each. Accumulate 100 pearls before participating to take full advantage of the bonus plays.
  • Bonus Plays: After using 100 pearls, you receive an extra 20 pearls as a bonus from the event.
  • Chance of Winning: Each pearl has a 5% chance to land on a reward slot containing Crimson Moonlights. Typically, every 120 pearls result in about 24 Crimson Moonlights based on probability.

Practical Experience: Through recording 600 pearl drops, the results yielded an average slightly higher than the expected number of Crimson Moonlights, making the event somewhat worthwhile, especially when considering additional rewards like speedups and Stardust.

2. Deep Sea Eye Merchant

Overview: The Deep Sea Eye Merchant event is an alternative method to acquire Crimson Moonlights directly for gems. This event offers straightforward transactions without the uncertainty of a game of chance.

Cost Analysis:

  • Pricing: Starts at 1,600 gems for four Crimson Moonlights and increases exponentially up to 6,000 gems.
  • Total Cost: For ten sets, the total cost is 32,400 gems for 40 Crimson Moonlights, averaging a steep price per set.

Recommendation: Ideal for high spenders, this method guarantees Crimson Moonlights but at a premium cost. Evaluate your spending ability and the necessity of these resources for your game progress before investing.

3. Golden Path

Overview: Golden Path is a monthly event that offers a more economical way to obtain Crimson Moonlights alongside other valuable rewards.


  • Cost-Effective: For just $5 a month, players receive 200 Merit Coins.
  • Purchases: These coins can be exchanged for eight Crimson Moonlights, providing a steady, albeit small, supply of 8 each month.
  • Added Value: The Golden Path also includes an exclusive artifact chest, immortal shards, speedups, and other resources, enhancing the overall value of the $5 expenditure.

Comparison: Compared to the Primal Pinball, the Golden Path offers a significantly better return on investment, making it an excellent choice for players seeking consistent value.


Navigating the acquisition of Crimson Moonlights requires a balanced approach between direct purchases and participating in events. Primal Pinball remains a primary source for those who enjoy the challenge and potential for large rewards, while the Deep Sea Eye Merchant is best suited for players without budget constraints. For regular and cost-effective gains, the Golden Path provides an excellent monthly option. Understanding these methods and integrating them into your strategy will help you maximize your resource management and enhance your gameplay in Infinity Kingdom.

Published: 28-05-2024