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How do I get Immortals

One question I have gotten a lot in the last couple of days, is how do I get Immortal Fragments for …… Immortal. So I went through the important Immortals and how they are obtained. Please see the below table of content so you can skip ahead if you know what you are looking for.

Table of content:

Gotta catch ’em all!

Gems only Immortals in the Market

AttilaEl CidAlexander
CharlesGhengis KhanBaldwin

Mysterious Pearl Shop Immortals

OBS: Dido, Arash, Cyrus and Hammurabi MUST first be unlocked via King of the Hill rewards. Read my King of the Hill guide on how to plan ahead and win at: King-of-the-hill/complete-guide-for-all-stages/

Once you have 60 fragments and summon one of these immortals, it will appear in the Mysterious Pearl Shop at the same price as the others, i.e. at a 1:1 ratio. You can max. obtain 20 pearls per day via the daily bundles (if you are a player who spends at all, these bundles are the best value).

El CidSaladinCyrus

Lucky Spin Immortals

See entire article on Lucky Spin / Wheel of Fortune at: Lucky-spin-wheel-of-fortune/

SaladinEl CidAlexanderAttilaFrederick
Qin EmperorYi Seong-gyeLeonidasHaraldAshoka
King ArthurRichardCleopatraYoshitsuneHippolyta

Theia’s Roulette Immortals (Holy & Shadow)

Read the full article including calculations on how to unlock an Immortal via Theia’s Roulette and how much it will cost you in my guide at: Holy-shadow-immortals-roulette/

SiegfriedManco Cápac
Flavius Belisarius

Arena Season Rewards

The arena is a great source of Immortal Fragments!

SeasonSeason Placement RewardArena Shop Slot 1Arena Shop Slot 2
S1Empress WuHaraldHippolyta
S3Alexander the GreatRichard ICleopatra
S4Peter the GreatEmperor QinRichard I
S5Hannibal BarcaHippolytaEmperor Qin

Contention of Relics Immortals

CoR allows you to unlock and max out a fire march. Beware, if you want to use Cyrus you need to head into the King of the Hill section.

Empress WuWilliam l
AshokaFrederick I

Legion of Frostborne

Legion of Frostborne (SvS) Immortals

Muhammad IISeondeok
Ragnar Lothbrok

Did I miss anything?

Please pm me in game or on discord and add new immortals or ones I have missed!

Published: 17-02-2022