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Ultimate Ability Based Utility & DPS

The best rolls for your specific Immortal depends entirely on the sub-type of Attack Immortal you are running and on the build you use it in. Therefore, I am reluctant to make a simplified list of the best rolls. Instead, we need to dive deep and understand each of the three archtypes of Attack Immortals and their individual Best In Slot Artifact Attribute Rolls.

Therefore I want to dive a bit deeper then merely presenting the options of rolls. In this article we are diving deep into the world of Ultimate Ability Based Damage Dealers.

Immortals in this category

Khubilai KhanMehmed

The best artifact rolls

Ultimate Ability Based Utility & DPS
1Physical Attack Rate (%)Physical Attack Rate (%)Surge (utility)
2Physical Attack ValuePhysical Attack ValueIron Fist (dps)
3Magical Defense Rate (%)Accuracy Rate (%)
4Magical Defense ValueAccuracy Value
5Physical Defense Rate (%)
6Physical Defense Value
7Crit Rate (%)
8Crit Rate Value
9Dodge Rate Rate (%)
10Dodge Value
11Magical Defense Rate (%)
12Magical Defense Value
13Resiliance Rate (%)
14Resiliance Value

These Immortals are all classified as those who need their Ultimate Abiltiies to perform. As such, they share the fact that Surge is the most important thing. This should be your no. 1 priority. You want surge because these Immortals are entirely dependent on their Ultimate Abilities to deal damage and provide utility.

In addition, these Immortals in this category needs the energy regen for Ultimates that deal damage, and some need the energy for ultimates that perform utility tasks. These are similar yet different when it comes down to their shared need for accuracy.

Your damage dealing ultimates needs accuracy: If you are using Coercion in your setup, then Accuracy drops below phys defense and crit rate in value. If you DO NOT run Coercion, accuracy is a close second and sometimes even stronger than phys %.

If you choose to run your front line Immortal with all defensive Passives, you should consider going for a support-style artifact over offense-styled artifact.

Published: 23-11-2022