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New Immortal: Matilda

First look at Empress Matilda (release date 15th march)

What do we know we know?

  1. Matilda will be a wind Immortal and a backline.
  2. You can unlock and max her via the Legion of Frostborne (SvS) shop and max him with the gem-lootboxes you can purchase after the end of an SvS season (see guide on SvS loot).

What do we think we know?

  1. Given her stance and his weaponry, it would be a pretty safe bet that Matilda is either a support Immortal or another mage. Given the rest of the wind element roster I am willing to bet on her being a full-fledged support since wind has a utility support in Qin Emperor but no true healer/support in Epic quality to replace Montezuma.
    Hence, it would make a lot of sense for IK to release a true healer to complete the wind roster. Wind would then have access to almost all types of Immortals, phys front and backline, magic dmg, defensive melee, offensive melees, support backline, utility support and now a healer.
  2. I suspect we can unlock her in more ways than one. We know she is a reward from SvS and can be found in the lootboxes we need to grind out anyway with all our gems for new ability stones. BUT will she also be in the shop? I don’t think she will appear in the pearl shop, as that seems exclusively for the King of the Hill Immortals (read my KoH guide). But I do think that the recent release of Muhammad ll aka. Mehmet II as a “seasonal Immortal bundle” is the development team testing new ways to release Immortals. As such, it is quite likely that Ragnar will also have a bundle you can purchase at a relatively low cost (see cost of maxing Muhammad II here) – a bit more expensive than Attila and Alexander the Great, etc. if you go only with bundles, and cheaper since you will likely get a lot of her Fragments as you try to grind out SvS lootboxes anyway.
  3. Will he be any good? Utterly impossible to tell yet as we don’t know his exact ability and stats. But if we are running wind we should be hopeful, since the addition of more sustain would prove very valuable both in pve and pvp combat.

Published: 07-03-2022