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New Immortal Athena

Athena Goddess of War: A Game-Changing Immortal in Infinity Kingdom

The release of the new Immortal, Athena Goddess of War, in Infinity Kingdom has sent shockwaves through the gaming community. With her ultimate ability, “Holy and Grace,” Athena has the potential to reshape the PvP meta and drastically alter the dynamics of competitive gameplay. In this article, we will explore Athena’s abilities and discuss her potential impact on the game. Additionally, we’ll delve into the historical background of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, and strategic warfare, who serves as the inspiration for this powerful Immortal.

Athena in Mythilogy

Before delving into Athena’s in-game prowess, it is essential to understand the origins of the character. In Greek mythology, Athena was revered as the goddess of wisdom, strategy, and battle. She embodied intelligence, strength, and courage, and was often associated with military prowess and tactical warfare. Known for her strategic thinking and ability to mediate conflicts, Athena was a revered figure among the ancient Greeks.

Athena’s Ultimate Ability

Holy and Grace: Athena’s ultimate ability, “Holy and Grace,” introduces a game-changing set of skills that make her an imposing force on the battlefield. This ability has multiple effects that provide an advantage to friendly units, making them resilient and formidable. Let’s break down the key components of her ultimate ability:

  1. Dispelling Negative Effects and Serious Wounding Immunity: Athena’s active effect instantly removes all negative effects from friendly units, ensuring that they operate at their full potential. Additionally, she grants them immunity to Serious Wounding, a powerful defensive advantage that can turn the tide of battles.
  2. Healing Effect and Damage Reduction: For a duration of 12 seconds, any physical damage suffered by friendly units triggers a healing effect akin to a shelter, allowing for rapid recovery at an impressive 80% recovery rate. Moreover, if the target’s troop count falls below 60%, they receive an additional buff that reduces the damage they take by 40% for 6 seconds.

Impact on Gameplay and PvP Meta

Undoubtedly, Athena’s abilities are incredibly potent, and her introduction will undoubtedly shake up the PvP meta. The combination of dispelling negative effects, immunity to Serious Wounding, and substantial healing and damage reduction effects can turn the tide of battles in favor of those utilizing Athena in their strategy.

The concern raised by some players regarding Athena’s strength is that she may create an imbalance between the spending power of players. With her ability to negate the effectiveness of wound effects employed by other powerful Immortals like Qin and Khan, Athena poses a challenge for non-whale players to compete on an equal footing.

Wether Athena will be the end of the Earth-Wind Hyrbid march and of all the many Khan builds are yet to be seen. I have a hope that because of her insanely low energy regen. of only 48.4 she may not be able to sustain her ability. Moreover, it needs to be said very clearly that she will be breaking the wounds meta – against anything without wounds there are much stronger alternatives.


Athena Goddess of War, the latest Immortal released in Infinity Kingdom, brings forth an array of game-changing abilities that have the potential to reshape the PvP meta. Inspired by the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, Athena’s ultimate ability, “Holy and Grace,” grants her unparalleled defensive and healing capabilities. While some may express concern over her potential impact on competitive gameplay, only time will tell how Athena will truly influence the dynamics of Infinity Kingdom’s battles. As players adapt their strategies and explore countermeasures, the meta will undoubtedly evolve to accommodate this powerful new addition to the game.

As with any significant addition or change in a game, it is crucial for developers to closely monitor its impact and ensure a balanced playing field for all players. The introduction of Athena Goddess of War marks an exciting new chapter in Infinity Kingdom’s gameplay, promising thrilling battles and fresh strategic possibilities for players worldwide.

Published: 15-06-2023