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Immortal Yi Sun-Shin

Rethinking Yi Sun-Shin: A Late-Game Contender in Infinity Kingdom

In the dynamic world of Infinity Kingdom, where the meta constantly evolves, some immortals tend to fall off the radar, deemed less effective in high-stakes gameplay. Yi Sun-Shin, an Earth immortal and frontline tank, has often been overlooked by the community, overshadowed by more popular choices. However, recent strategies deployed by innovative players are proving that Yi Sun-Shin has untapped potential, especially in the late-game phases.

Unveiling Yi Sun-Shin

Character Profile

  • Type: Earth
  • Role: Frontline Tank
  • Troop Type: Cavalry

Unlike typical tank immortals who lead shieldmen, Yi Sun-Shin commands cavalry units, offering a unique approach to the tank role. His ability to equip tank-specific Tower of Knowledge skills enhances his versatility on the battlefield.

Ultimate Ability: Guard of Devotion

Yi Sun-Shin’s ultimate ability, “Guard of Devotion,” channels a protective aura that reduces damage taken by all allied immortals by 30% for 6 seconds. While initially it may not seem impactful compared to the high-powered abilities of other immortals, its strategic use in coordinated team compositions can significantly sway the tide of battle.

Strategic Deployment in Earth-Shadow Hybrid Builds

The reevaluation of Yi Sun-Shin’s effectiveness comes from his integration into Earth-Shadow hybrid builds. In combination with immortals like Charles, Himiko, and Bathory, Yi Sun-Shin contributes to a formidable lineup that excels in both defense and offense.

How to obtain Yi Sun-Shin

Players are able to obtain Yi Sun-Shin through the Legion of Frostborne in season 3 as well as through the Hall of Immortals later.

After you surpass season 3, he will also apear in the in-game Daily Pearls Shop where you can obtain his fragments on a daily basis.

Once you have him unlocked, you will also be able to purchase additional immortal fragments via the in-game bundles ‘Eternal Glory’.


The resurgence of Yi Sun-Shin in top-tier play is a testament to the evolving nature of strategy within Infinity Kingdom. What was once considered a suboptimal choice has found new life in a carefully crafted team composition, challenging the conventions of the late-game meta. This Earth-Shadow hybrid approach not only highlights Yi Sun-Shin’s strengths but also underscores the importance of adaptability and strategic planning in achieving victory. As the game continues to evolve, perhaps more forgotten immortals will rise, reshaping the competitive landscape of Infinity Kingdom.

Published: 07-05-2024