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1.Triggered skills

There are a lot of skills and passives which are “triggered”. Being triggered means that a certain condition has to occur in order for the skills effect to be triggered.

Infinity Kingdom marks some skills as “Passive” and other as “Triggered” despite the fact that they are in fact both Trigger skills (for instance combo). So disregard that in the in-game text, it will only confuse you. Think of all skills that has a trigger as trigger skills!

There are many skills and passives which are “triggered”. Being triggered means that a certain condition has to occur in order for the skills effect to be triggered. For instance, using a skill like Combo, it reads that when triggered your Immortal inflicts a x% physical damage instance on the enemy Immortal being attacked. Moreover, it is indicated that the trigger condition is normal attacks. As such, when your Immortal has Combo on, there is a x% chance to trigger x% physical damage every time your Immortal performs one normal attack.

There are a few different triggered skills in Infinity Kingdom. The fundamentals are all the same:

  1. Trigger condition
  2. Once triggered inflicts skill effect

Whereas we saw a skill like Cleave or Combo being triggered from normal attacks and cause a single damage instance, another trigger skill like Chase has the trigger condition of critical hits. This means, that ANY instances of damage performed by this Immortal (ultimate ability, normal attacks or other passive skills) can all trigger the skill effect but ONLY when a critical hit is rolled.

A third trigger condition is time. Skills like Annihilation or Garrote has a timer as the trigger condition. Meaning that every x seconds the passive skills rolls and activates. With Annihilation,  every 6 seconds the a dice is rolled and you have 45% chance to activate the skill effect causing x% magical damage to all four enemy Immortals.

The same trigger condition applies for a skill like Garrote, Chaotic Blade, Toxic Nova and Fire Nova, however while the trigger condition is the same (after x seconds you have x chance to proc) the skill effects are very different from what we saw from e.g. Cleave, Combo and Annihilation.

Instead of dealing a single instance of damage when the trigger condition is true, skills like Garrote, Chaotic Blade, Toxic Nova and Fire Nova instead deal both a single instance of AOE damage + applied a DoT on your enemy. A DoT means a damage-over-time effect, which once applied ticks for additional damage over x time.

Synergies for trigger skills

It is very important that you think about especially the trigger conditions for a skill when deciding to use it in your setup. For instance, if you are running an earth march with Alexander, Charles, Zenobia and Cleopatra. You have four very different Immortals and you must play to each of their strengths. A skill such as Cleave or Combo we know is triggered through normal attack hits. This means, you want to use it on an Immortal that has a high attack speed and thus has a high hit-per-second value. Alexander is a perfect example of such an Immortal.

Moreover, because we are dealing physical damage with Combo and Cleave, you want them on an Immortal that has high physical attack. Think what would happen if you used both of these on Zenobia? She is attacking slowly and does not have particularly high physical attack attributes. As such, you would get very few triggers and low effect once triggered.

Likewise, a trigger skill such as Chase has the trigger condition of critical hits, meaning for greater effect you can synergize its use with other passives and ultimate abilities. For instance, combining Chase with Death Breath and Annihilation which provide a high amount of damage instances increases the total number of hits that can cause a critical proc. Additionally, equipping weakness on another Immortal adding to the critical hit chance further boosts the potential of chase. If you have a e.g. a fire team with William and Trajan providing crit buffs you greatly increase the effectiveness of Chase because you increase the number of crits across the damage instances of your other skills.

The same can be said about a skill like Energy Burst, which also required critical hits as its trigger condition. However, this skill provides energy regen as its skill effect and can thus be used in synergy with both magical passives like annihilation but also physical damage triggers like chaotic or cleave.

Another important thing to be aware of when creating skill synergies are your elemental dragon bonuses. They are all different in the way they interact with mechanics of your immortals and skills.

Using the lightning dragon for instance, you want to have debuffs and DoT effects on your enemies, making Chaotic Blade and Garrote particularly strong.

On fire, you want buff effects hence the following section of Blessings and Graces have inherently greater effect on a fire team.

I hope that these examples of how to think about synergies makes sense to you as the reader. I don’t like tier-lists for the simple reason that skills can never be valued at a static amount of value. The effectiveness of each and every single Immortal and ToK skill/passive you equip is 100% dependent on it’s synergy with the rest of your setup. Moreover, what is “best” to use depends on your enemy as well!

As such, you need to think about each and every decision in Infinity Kingdom, which is why I love this game!

Published: 13-12-2022