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The Best Magic Artifact Rolls

In this guide we are going to have a look at the Magic Artifacts of Infinity Kingdom. For this one, we are going to look at the world of Primary and Secondary rolls on your magic artifacts. We will go over which rolls are better in what scenarios.

Magic Artifact rolls

For mages, both crit and magic damage is very very powerful. Which matter the most depends on your build. If you are building a chase-crit build you want crit rate. If you are building a concentration-build, pure % is your friend. These are the rolls you should be looking for on your Magic Artifact.

Crit-builds (chase): If you are above VIP 13 and you have high enough crit-rate, then the Chase build is a very powerful tool in your arsenal. You want to roll artifacts with

PrioritySpecialPrimary AttributeSecondary Attribute
1Deadly / AnnihilationCrit rate (%) Crit rate (%)
2Magical attack (%)Crit rate Value
3Crit Value / Magical Attack ValueCrit Damage Value
4Magical (%) / Magical attack

Non-Chase Magic Builds: These are more tricky. Let’s have a look at how the rolls you want change if you are not running chase.

PrioritySpecialPrimary AttributeSecondary Attribute
1Annihilation / DeadlyMagical attack (%)Magical (%)
2Magical Attack ValueMagical attack
3Crit rate (%)Crit rate (%) / Crit rate Value
4Crit ValueCrit Damage Value
5 Resilience/Dodge/Defenses


Basically you do not want to boost your crit-rate above all else unless you are building towards massive Chase-procs. Instead we want to boost our magic damage in general to increase all the damage we are dealing.

Be aware that if you are running Fire with Seon, this equation may change but that ultimately depends on your specific crit-rate of each and every Immortal as well as the build you are running. Anyone with Seon Fire’s need to test for themselves and find the right level of crit-rate to ensure reliable procs with the passive setup and Immortal composition of choice.

The Bonus you want is not given in advance, but is based on the critical hit rate you have and we need to figure out if Annihilation crit bonus is still better than the Deadly damage buff. We know above which stats we want to roll as primary and secondary. However it is a bit more tricky to figure out what Bonus is the best for you.

To help you figure this out, please see my guide on Annihilation Versus Deadly Magic Artifact Bonuses here.

Published: 08-11-2022