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Barricade of Light (Manco)

Player Guide: Mastering Manco’s Unique Artifact – Barricade of Light

Manco’s unique artifact, “Barricade of Light,” is a game-changer for players who are strategizing around dodge mechanics in Infinity Kingdom. This artifact boosts Manco’s dodge rate by 25% during the casting of his ultimate ability, Sun Flare. When synergized with the “Misleading” skill and another dodge-enhancing skill, “After-Image,” this artifact can make your Manco incredibly elusive, significantly reducing the incoming damage from enemy attacks.

Deep Dive into Barricade of Light

Barricade of Light not only increases the survivability of Manco but also turns him into a critical asset for your army’s defense. The key benefit of this artifact comes into play when Manco casts Sun Flare, his ultimate ability. During this casting time, the 25% increase in dodge rate makes him substantially more difficult for enemies to hit. This temporary boost is crucial during intense moments of battle where sustaining high dodge rates can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Strategic Implementation

Implementing Barricade of Light effectively requires a build that capitalizes on dodge mechanics. Combining Manco’s unique artifact with the “Misleading” Tower of Knowledge skill, which reduces enemy accuracy, and “After-Image,” which further boosts dodge rates, creates a formidable setup. This combination ensures that not only Manco but potentially your entire lineup benefits from increased evasion, as Misleading affects all enemy units on the battlefield.

The true strength of this setup lies in its ability to mitigate the effectiveness of high-accuracy opponents. While opponents may build their immortals to counteract dodge through increased accuracy, the stacked evasion from Barricade of Light, Misleading, and After-Image can tip the scales back in your favor, making your units frustratingly difficult to hit.

This strategy is particularly effective in PvP scenarios where precision in striking is crucial for overcoming enemy defenses.

Considerations for Use

While the synergy between Barricade of Light and dodge-enhancing skills is powerful, it is important to remember that this strategy may not always be optimal. Opponents who anticipate a high-dodge build might equip skills or pursue strategies that negate dodge benefits, such as using immortals with enhanced accuracy or skills that guarantee hits. Therefore, it’s vital to analyze your opponent’s typical setups and adjust your strategy accordingly. If the meta shifts towards high accuracy builds, the effectiveness of a dodge-centric strategy may decrease, prompting a reassessment of your tactical approach.


Manco’s unique artifact, Barricade of Light, when used in conjunction with skills like Misleading and After-Image, offers a robust defensive mechanism that can turn the tide of battles in Infinity Kingdom. This setup excels in environments where dodging enemy attacks provides a significant strategic advantage. However, its success largely depends on the prevailing battle conditions and opponent strategies. Players should remain flexible and ready to adapt their approach based on the evolving meta and the specific challenges posed by their adversaries. By doing so, they can maximize the impact of Manco and his unique artifact, securing crucial victories in both PvP and PvE engagements.

Published: 07-05-2024