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New Immortal Fu Fei (Chaos)

Unleashing Fu Fei: A Game-Changer Among Chaos Immortals in Infinity Kingdom

Norheim, the epicenter of strategic battles, witnesses the arrival of the latest powerhouse in the realm—Fu Fei, the formidable Chaos Immortal and the fifth of her kind to join the fray. As the veil lifts on this mysterious healer, players are left eagerly anticipating the impact she’ll have on the ever-evolving landscape of Infinity Kingdom.

Fu Fei: A Healing Dynamo in Chaos

Fu Fei assumes the mantle of a Chaos Immortal, rounding out the elemental spectrum with her prowess in healing. Her arrival marks a pivotal moment, as now, the Chaos element boasts a diverse array of Immortals, spanning tanks, attackers, magicians, and now, a formidable support/healer.

The unveiling of Fu Fei sparks intriguing speculations among players—when will we witness the emergence of a full Chaos whale march, an unstoppable force that encompasses the entire spectrum of Chaos Immortals? Additionally, the anticipation for the release of a Chaos Dragon to reign supreme adds an extra layer of excitement to the unfolding narrative.

Fu Fei “On Paper”: Theoretical Prowess

As of now, Fu Fei is a mysterious figure, eluding the possession of players since the Chaos roulette event hasn’t yet graced Norheim. However, this hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of seasoned players who eagerly analyze her potential impact based on her abilities and skills.

Ultimate Ability: The Key to Dominance:
The cornerstone of Fu Fei’s potential dominance lies in her ultimate ability—a powerful healing mechanism reminiscent of Theodora but amplified to extraordinary levels. Boasting a staggering 520% heal value, Fu Fei outshines her predecessor, offering absurd amounts of healing that, when paired with Athena, becomes a force that is seemingly impervious to counterattacks with wounds.

Life-Link: The Game-Changer:
Fu Fei introduces a game-changing feature—Life-Link. Without spending a skill slot, she establishes a free life-link between the allied Immortal taking the most damage, transferring 20% of the damage received back to the enemy. This effect mirrors a top-tier Tower of Knowledge skill, providing an unparalleled advantage on the battlefield.

Comparing Fu Fei: A Close Look at Healing Titans in Norheim

As the anticipation for Fu Fei’s arrival continues to build in Infinity Kingdom, it’s only natural to draw comparisons between this new Chaos Immortal and the existing healing titan, Theodora. While the true litmus test will be the battlefield itself, a theoretical analysis can provide valuable insights into the potential strengths and unique offerings of each.

Theodora Holy

Theodora has long been hailed as a powerful healer in the Infinity Kingdom arsenal. Her ability to sustain holy for extended periods has made her a staple in many lineups, ensuring longevity on the battlefield. With a very high 300% heal value, Theodora has proven her worth, especially when combined with other Immortals and strategic skill selection. She has been performing very very well and doing extreemly high amounts of healing. That is about to pale in comparison!

Fu Fei – Next level healer

Fu Fei, on the other hand, enters Norheim with a promise of unparalleled healing prowess. The resemblance of her ultimate ability to Theodora’s is undeniable, yet the numbers tell a different story. Boasting an impressive 520% heal value, Fu Fei is set to outshine Theodora in sheer healing output.

Reviewing the energy regen stats of both Immortals we can see that they share an identical Energy Regen stat and thus equal in cast rate. Reviewing the Aptitude attributes (impacting healing size) Fu Fei has a significant advantage with 738.3 against the 696.5 of Theodora. She is looking to be able to heal as much as 2x Theodoras! That is insane!

This significant increase in healing potential positions Fu Fei as a formidable force in supporting Immortals through prolonged battles. Moreover, that is far from everthing. One of the most intriguing aspects of Fu Fei’s toolkit is the introduction of Life-Link—a mechanic absent in Theodora’s repertoire. This free life-link, transferring 20% of damage from the allied Immortal taking the most damage back to the enemy, provides Fu Fei with a unique advantage. It not only offers damage mitigation but also deals a counterblow to adversaries, creating an additional layer of strategic depth.

Predictions and Concerns for the Meta:

In comparing Fu Fei and Theodora, it becomes evident that Fu Fei holds the potential to be a game-changer in the realm of healing Immortals. The substantial increase in healing output and the addition of the Life-Link mechanic make her a force to be reckoned with. However, it’s crucial to note that the true impact of Fu Fei can only be assessed when she graces the battlefield, and players experiment with her synergies, strengths, and weaknesses.

The initial analysis points towards Fu Fei being a potential game-changer, and the prediction leans towards her being one of the most powerful Chaos Immortals released thus far. However, concerns arise about the widening gap between top players wielding multiple Chaos Immortals and the rest, possibly rendering big spenders untouchable, irrespective of skill level.

In conclusion, the arrival of Fu Fei adds an intriguing layer to the tapestry of Infinity Kingdom. As players eagerly await her inclusion in spender events, the meta of the game stands on the precipice of change. Will Fu Fei fulfill the predictions of being an unstoppable force, or will the landscape evolve in unforeseen ways? Only time will tell as the chaos unfolds in Norheim.

Published: 16-12-2023