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Supreme’s Seal – Unlock 1.8 Artifacts

Patch 1.8 has introduced a ton of new content for Infinity Kingdom. Amongst it, new unique artifacts has been introduced. In this article we will go through briefly the new artifacts and how to unlock these.

*** Free to Play Unlocks! ***


It has not been confirmed, but IF all servers will get the same event rewards in the first Supreme’s Seal, they will also be able to unlock (1) War Colosus Artifact for Hannibal Barca, (2) Titan’s Prove for Leonidas and (3) Death and Glory for Richard I.

Table of content:

  1. New unique artifacts
  2. Unlocking artifacts through Heroic Path & Supreme’s Seal events

New unique artifacts from 1.8

Artifact nameImmortalDescription
Forgiveness and FreedomCyrus the GreatEnemies will have an additional 10% change to be stunned when receiving critical damage
Julian CalendarJulius CaesarChance of disarming the enemy with Ultimate Skill is increased by 100%
Titan’s ProveLeonidasWhen Leonidas deals damage, reduce targets energy by 150
Death and GloryRichard IWhen Richard I deals damage, increase the chance of the target being stunned by 20%
Godesses’ Waist BeltHippolytaHippolyta can now unleash 7 Heavenly Fires with her ultimate (normal = 5)
The War ColossusHannibal BarcaHannibal Barca’s ultimate skill converts into a passive skill: Gain damage increase and gain Cleave effect immediately after entering a battle. Effect lasts for the entire battle.
Homer’s EpicAlexander the Great Ultimate skill converts into a passive, and no energy will be gained during battle. Damage increase, attack speed increase, and control immunity will constantly be activated during the battle.
Dark Dragon’s BloodSiegfriedUltimate skill now deals 25% increased damage.
Wings of WarSaladinEvery time you cause damage with tornados from the Ultimate Skill, there is a 65% chance to reduce the targets physical defense by 15% for 3 seconds.
The Sun’s GiftRamesses IIThe Disarm debuff applioed by Ramesses II is 10% more effective.
The Song of the CidEl CidAfter casting the Ultimate Skill, recieving normal attacks will always cause physical damage to the enemy

Unlocking 1.8 artifacts

The new artifacts can be unlocked via the events Spender’s Board Game, Heroic Path and Supreme’s Seal. Stay tuned to your servers calendar!

Like many other Heroic Path events, you earn coins by:

  1. Collecting / Gathering resources
  2. Defeating gnomes

These coins are used to exchange for artifact shards in the Supreme’s Seal event.

Shop costs currently unknown. Will be updated 21st january 2022 when I have access to the events.