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New Immortal Tokugawa (Lightning)


Ultimate skill: Crackling Thunder
Grants all ally units shields that absorb physical damage (absorption Rate x%) for 6 serconds. Tokugawa Ieyasu himself gains a Thunder Array: Every time he recieves a normal attack, he will apply a random negative effect (Damage Recieve increased by x%, Damage decreased by x%, Attack Speed decreased by x%, Energy Regen Speed decreased by x%) on the attack for 6 seconds.

Absorb rate – 90% / 120% / 150% / 180% / 210% / 240% / 270% / 300%

Negative Effect Scaling
3% / 4% / 5% / 6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10%

Infinity Kingdom have a new Immortal taking the field. Tokugawa was one of the “Great Unifiers” of Japan. Through a combination of organizational genius and military aptitude he asserted control of a unified Japan, which his family rules for more than 250 years. Now he has risen to take up the fight in Norheim against those pesky Earth whales! Lightning Finally has a real support frontliner, and an extreemly strong one of that!

This guy is a game changer for Infinity Kingdom.

General Info

  • Role: Frontline support tank (shields & utility)
  • Lightning element

Why is Tokugawa interesting?

His ultimate ability is very interesting for a number of reasons:

  1. Charles has made it clear, that shielding is extreemly powerful in Infinity Kingdom. IK is a game where healing and sustain play a huge role and at the same time, the Wounds debuff which reduces healing recieved by a target is not 20% or 40% like in most games. No no no.. Wounds is 100% reduced healing. This means the best support sustain skills are shields. I mean, look at that Charles shield.. insane! Well, now lightning has one too!
  2. On top of that applies extreemly powerful debuffs to the enemies. Takes a second or two for most Immortals to deal an auto attack, this means that you can be pretty certain that both Immortals facing Tokugawa will be hitting him 3-4 times per 6 second window. As such, they will continue to suffer from 3 if not all 4 of his debuffs for the majority of the fight, making a huge impact!

    Recieving 10% more damage + dealing 10% less damage while having 10% lower energy regen and 10% reduced attack speed, has a gigantic impact on ANY Immortal.

I think it is pretty clear why this guy is extreemly interesting and will be insanely powerful upon release. I know I am going to unlock him as soon as I can, in fact. I am melting a maxed march just to rebuild it as lightning because of this guy’s release.

He will be very strong in any matchup. Critically, he will counter the meta hybrid wind-earth team as 10% reduced attack speed and 10% reduced damage makes even Alex a wet noodle.

He does have one weakness, magic damage. His shields absorb physical damage, as such, if you are wielding a dual mage fire this guy is a paper weight with zero impact.

How to unlock him?

He is one of the new Immortals being released as the reward from Legion of Frostborne’s conquest season.

He will be in the SvS boxes, and available in the shop afterwards. The shop has 3 types of available bundles resetting daily.

  1. The first bundle costs 1.99$ and contain 1x chest with 5-10 Fragments inside.
  2. The second bundle costs 2.99$ and contain 1x chests also with 5-10 Fragments inside each.
  3. The third bundle costs 4.99$ and contain 2x chests with 5-10 fragments inside each.

You will get around 30 Fragments for 9$ = around 18$ to unlock him. See below for info on maxing him.

Shop Bundles

The shop bundles are not availble yet, will be as conquest finishes. But they will be identical to the ones we have now from previous seasons of SvS.

For more info on the shop and bundles, please see: Game-shop-all-the-bundles/all-bundles-available/

Maxing Tokugawa Ieyasu

He is NOT available in the Market nor in the Pearl Shop upon unlock. You have to max from the shop bundles. This will cost you a bit of cash, please see my calculations below if you aim to unlock and rely on him in your army.

Daily 4x chest lootFragments to Max (incl. artifact)Number of days required
Daily 4x Chest costTotal Cost to Max
9 USD306 USD

Published: 15-06-2022