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These skills are tower of knowledge passive which provide a combat buffs and debuffs passively to Immortals. Auras are in general all powerful skills and as such they are also limited in use.

NameDescriptionUnlock level
SacrificeIncreases damage of allies, while lowering caster damage. Also small change to gain energy for caster.33
BerserkIncreased attack speed by 10% + Life leach (30% recovery rate)33
Malice20% Crit Rate debuff on enemy units.35
Misleading20% reduced accuracy on enemy units38
Weakness20% reduced resilience on enemy units38
Coercion20% reduced dodge rate on enemy units39
Shelter50% chance friendly units (same side) regens (40% recovery rate) when they take damage.40
Paralysis15% reduced attack speed on enemy units40
Fear of DominationEnemies with less than 50% HP take 20% more damage.45
(stone skill)

You can only equip one aura on each Immortal, simply because being able to load up three auras on a support Immortal would make hard support Immortals too powerful.

As a class of skills there is not much to know about auras besides the fact that:

  1. You can only equip one aura per Immortal
  2. Auras passively provide their unique effect throughout the entire battle


As for synergies with Auras it is very important that you have a clear read on the purpose of your setup as well as that of your enemy.

For instance, if I am fighting against a holy team which relies on a high amount of damage instances in AOE then an aura such as Shelter has very high value because it triggers from incoming attacks.

Some buff-auras like Shelter here and Berserk has a trigger condition just like what we talked about in the guide on Trigger skills. Shelter triggers from taking incoming damage and Berserk from successfully landing an attack, as such Berserk finds it value in attack-speed centric setups where it’s attack speed buff and sustain-trigger effects have greater value.

Another Aura Weakness provide its buff passively like a Blessing or Grace but without an expiry timer and they are not despellable.

Lastly, the debuff type auras such as Coercion, Paralysis, Misleading and Malice should be used based on your enemy in combat. These also work just like a Grace effect, but without an expiration timer and they are not despellable.

Think about what your setup is weak against and use an aura to bolster your defense against those setups.

  • Berserk and Shelter are Trigger-based auras
  • Berserk, Coercion, Paralysis, Missleading and Malice are debuff auras
  • Weakness and Sacrifice are buff auras

Auras are in general very powerful, but because they are also very limited in how you can use them, you must think long and hard about which aura’s play to the advantages of your own setup as well as what your main rivals you most often fight are using. So when you are using a fire burst team you want to run auras like Sacrifice and Weakness and when you face magic damage teams run malice to defend.

Likewise, you want to avoid coercion and berserk if you rely yourself on magic damage, but you must run them both if you are running an Alex + Barca setup. If you are faced with hard holy or earth enemies shelter can be very helpful but against Merlin waters it’s effect is a lot less.

If you want to read more about each of the aura passive skills of Infinity Kingdom, checkout my guide on Aura synergies here

Published: 13-12-2022