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All artifact Primary, Secondary and Bonus rolls

Artifacts are a vital part of any Infinity Kingdom Build. Immortal Artifacts provide massive boosts that improve the power of each Immortal a lot. Furthermore, because the artifact system is built around a large pool of possible rolls, we are able to grind artifacts and keep rolling until we get the best roll combination for our particular Immortal. This is a common feature in many games and one that will keep min-maxers busy for a long time!

Knowing your Immortals and what rolls works well with your specific Immortal and in your specific build is very very important and something that can make or break the fight when you are battling enemies as similar levels.

How does the rolls work?

All artifacts have a fixed amount of Attribute slots. For an Epic Artifact, we have

  • 1 Primary Attribute slot
  • Up to 4 Secondary Attribute slots
  • And a chance to obtain a bonus special attribute

Once you craft your Artifact, you have no way of knowing it will look like when crafted. We know what rolls are possible, but any combination of the possibilities can occur!

Primary Attribute Rolls

The Primary Attribute Rolls is very important. This roll is the Primary effect of your Artifact (unless you have a unique effect). This is the Roll that will scale as you increase the levels and rank the most and is where you can get the best roll. You need to pay very close attention to the possible Primary Rolls and which is best for your Immortal.

For example, mages can roll Magical Attack Value, Magical Attack %, Crit value and Crit %. In the image below you can see a magic artifact which has rolled Magical Attack % as it’s Primary Attribute Roll.

All Primary Attribute Roll Possibilities

Each type of Immortal have four different Primary Rolls. Each roll has a random chance to be the one you get on your artifact once you craft it. Attack, Defense, Magic, Range and Support role Immortals have their own dedicated Primary Attribute options. These are as follow:

ExamplesRolePrimary Roll
AlexanderAttack Fronline MeleePhysical Attack Rate %Physical Attack ValueMagical Defense Rate %Magical Defense Value
CharlesDefense TankPhysical Defense Rate %Physical Defense ValueResilience Rate %Resilience Value
MerlinMagic Damage DealerMagical Attack Rate %Magical Attack ValueCrit Rate %Crit Value
GilgameshRange Damage DealerPhysical Attack Rate %Physical Attack ValueAccuracy Rate %Accuracy Value
ZenobiaSupportPhysical Attack Rate %Physical Attack ValueDodge Rate %Dodge Value

All Secondary Attribute Roll Possibilities

All Artifacts regardless of Role Type can roll 4 secondary attributes from a pool of 16 different attribute rolls.

These are the possible outcomes you can roll on your Artifact:

Secondary attributes
Physical Attack Rate (%)
Physical Attack Value
Magical Attack Rate (%)
Magical Attack Value
Accuracy Rate (%)
Accuracy Value
Physical Defense Rate (%)
Physical Defense Value
Magical Defense Rate (%)
Magical Defense Value
Resiliance Rate (%)
Resiliance Value
Crit Rate (%)
Crit Rate Value
Dodge Rate Rate (%)
Dodge Value

Bonus Rolls

Each type of Artifact also has a chance to roll a bonus roll. These are role-specific and you have the following possible outcomes.

Bonus RollsRole/Type
Surge (energy reg.)Attack / Support
Iron Fist (physical dmg)Attack / Range
Growth (HP)Defense
Guard (physical defense)Defense
Annihilation (crit dmg)Magic / Range
Deadly (spell dmg)Magic
Shining Light (healing)Support

Published: 01-12-2022